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Super obese over 500 and need help!

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I have just started CC and keeping the food log. I'm so heavy I can't hardly move. Knees are shot. I need real help here.
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Welcome!  You are soooo smart for realizing your dilemma!  Please Please go see a doctor first- or at least call your doctor!  You doctor will LOVE the fact that you want to change.  Everyone is here to help you - just keep logging!  Click the analyze button and try to change the reds to greens!  The cravings will go away.  Your doctor will suggest some exercises to start - like arm lifts, etc.  Very few people can go it alone - ask your Doctor to recommend a local gym - trainer to help you.  Today's gyms and local rec centers provide positive stimulation and social reinforcement.    Stand on that mountain and shout for help - but  YOU are in control - you are the one that must say Yes. 

Start small! Swap out most of your drinks for water instead; if water is too difficult try unsweetened tea or lemon water. Get up move when you can, even if its just a short walk down the hallway, eventually you'll be able to walk around the house, around the backyard, around the block, etc. Replace packaged snacks with baby carrots, broccoli, sliced up bell peppers or fruit. Make as many of your meals as possible; it saves money and you can control the quality of the ingredients.

Eventually all these small changes will build up to big changes with the associated weight loss.

And as with anything, make sure you clear any changes with your doc first.

along with the adivce above get some food scales will help you log more accuratly

just wanted to say good luck!  what changes did you already start to make?

and remember that even though you have choen now to start your diet,  you can still eat and enjoy thing.  just cut back and change the way you see food in your life.

Welcome. You may want to join this group. I'm sure you will find a lot of support, help and understanding. Having buddies with like goals is always an asset.

Thanks everyone for the comments, I have already gotten off of soda. Haven't even had a diet soda in 2months. I've started with the "eat this not that" thing, and replaced unhealthy foods with healthier foods. I drive a truck for a living, so I can't join a gym. I'm walking around the truck. But my knees are starting to bother me. Taking it slow.

Best of luck. Remember while it might not seem like it, it actually takes far less time to lose weight than it does to gain it.  Think about it, you're however old you are and you've been eating whatever you want but your weight is the product of years of eating. You'll find though that you can take off a tremendous amount of weight when you change your portion sizes. Something like 80% of all weight is lost in the kitchen and not in exercise.


Here's a really fun, really informative documentary on dieting: ml

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I just read that you are a truck driver.   You eat to help yourself stay awake, don't you?   My husband does the same thing.   Try substituting some of those "stay awake" snacks with cut up apples, orange slices, grapes, or strawberries.   I've helped him lose some weight just by switching his high salt,high starch/sugar snacks for fruits.   Instead of making sandwiches on bread, make lettuce or cabbage wraps.   If you can, pre-cook a few days worth of meat to take with you.  93/7 hamburgers, boneless/skinless chicken breasts and london broil all travel well when cooked.   A good rule of thumb is never to eat anything  (more than) bigger than the size of your fist.   This usually equates to about 6 oz of what ever it is you're eating.   If you're eating a lot of nuts, get raw ones instead of roasted and salted. 

You can do this.  Please make sure to talk with your doctor before you make any drastic changes, but you can make little changes that will make a difference right away.   Best of luck to you. 

I looked up devices that are good for Seniors because they might have difficulty walking too and found that you can buy little motorized exercize cycles that are good for you and won't damage your knees. Best of all, you can do these exercises while you sit and watch TV and when you lose a certain amount of weight, you can start doing more difficult exercises that burn more calories. e-Motorized-Exercise/dp/B001IV6MV6


It also has links to portable ones you can take on the road with you.  They're so much easier on your knees than walking is. They're less than 100 dollars and you put it on the floor in front of a chair and while you watch, just cycle. I'd be sure to buy ones with foot straps that are easily adjustable and with an indicator so you can see how far you've gone.


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