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stretch marks? do they go away with weightloss at all?

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I have the body type where ALL my fat goes to my thighs.  Looking at me from the waist up you would think I weight like 120 but just looking at my lower half you would think im more like 170/180.  That phenomenon has led me to develop a lot of stretch marks on my inner thighs and some on my outer thighs.  I was wondering if anyone who has experienced a lot of weight loss has had them go away at all.  I mean they come from gaining a lot of weight fast right? Shouldn't they go away if you lose weight, the skin has to go somewhere right?

I may be way off base on this, I really dont know much about this at all.

my stats are

age 20

SW 160

CW 143

GW 125/130

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I would think they would. They go away after pregnancy, and it's pretty much the same for the skin.

I went from around 165 to about 120 and I still have them.  They don't completely go away, but they do least they did in my case.

I WISH they would just disappear!
Stretch marks don't ever completely go away, but over time they fade and become MUCH less noticable, at least for most people.

well thats promising at least!

i have more weight to lose so hopefully they will get better.  I was thinking about going to the dermatologist about them but I dont really want to if I can get rid of them or reduce them by losing weight.

does anyone have any tricks for getting rid of them?

Cocoa butter and vitamin E oil are both supposed to be really good.

They DO definitely fade & become less noticeable when you lose weight, but I don't think they ever truly go away.
Try to keep the skin as stimulated as possible- ie. massage lotion/oil/etc onto them a lot. That actually does help.

I have stretch marks as well. Inner thighs, hips, and arms. They start to fade over time. But I notice that during the summer when I get a tan... they are a lot more noticeable. Tans make them stick out. But yes, I heard that cocoa butter can help them fade. Good luck, and stay strong!!!

after 2 kids in 2 years I  started using strivectin. Its expensive but worked well on the belly(new stretch marks), not so well on the booty(old stretch marks). however I,m 45. So it may be worth a try...and yes they do tend to fade but it takes a while. Also worked well to recover my neck of deep lines that turned dark as my weight came off.keep your skin well moisturized and it should help a lot.

Mederma scar treatment works well to fade them, they don't go away completely but they are a lot less noticable. I would highly recommend trying it.

Unfortunately stretch marks are for life as they are caused by permanent damage to the skin (like a scar) done by rapid growth of the skin in conjuction with certain hormones. But over time and with the assitance of vitamin E creams, and other nourishing treatments they will fade to a point where they are not extremely noticeable.

Stretch marks fade, but they never really go away. They are essentially scars under your skin.  Skin is very flexable, but it can't get "back into shape" like it used to. Tightening creams and exercies help, but short of surgery, you really can get the skin to be as tight as it once was. And no, there is no surgery, laser, or chemical treatment to get rid of stretch marks. Believe me, I asked!!

wow i wish they would just go away, i think im going to try the mederma i know i have some of that, but I am planning on starting to have kids in 4-5 years anyway so I guess theres not much of a point to worrying too much or spending a lot of money on it when I am probably going to get more anyway

thanks everyone!

unfortunately stretch marks are scar tissue.  they never completely go away, but they will fade with time.  i gained a lot of weight while pregnant, and got the stretch marks then (I'd never had any before).  They've faded signifigantly, but have never completely gone away.  Though the ones on my abdomen have shrunk a lot.  Just be sure to lose the weight slowly, and your body will adapt pretty well in most cases.  I also apply lotion, but clinically it's never been proven to do anything other than make you feel better to my knowledge.

I know it's not the "try this miracle cure" post, but sometimes a little insight and truth is just what the dr. ordered.

I hear Mederma is good, I also heard that the Avon streach mark smoother works well, shea and coco butter are good, really anything with the Vitamins B and E, I know I got them on my stomach from the freshman 15, and it looked awful to me, a bunch of red lines around my bellybutton.

Using the Jergen's Tanning lotion on them in the summer helps to stop them from sticking out when you have a tan.

But they will never go away 100 percent, I know, I tend to stress and obsess over mine, and I have resorted to getting a little ink over them. 

well i saw this thingtht says it works called Celtrixa,striation and Cosmetyn. and I use Cocoa  Butter it really works!. im not even fat though i dont get that!.  Well anyways try them creams they might work but Cocoa butter is the best! you barley notice them at all!.  mine went away well faded almost completly and ive been using it for maybe 5 months but it starts improving after like 2 weeks! Hope  you get rid of them! (:!!

I've still got mine after... more than 2 years. I gained a lot of weight quickly, and got them on my thighs, hips and breasts. I lost all the weight, but the marks stay.

The ones on my hips and breasts have faded, though you can still sort of see them if you look. The ones on my thighs you can still see a bit more though.

Have you heard of Bio Oil? Apparantly it's really good for damaged skin, scars and stretchmarks and the like. I have some, but I don't really bother with it on a regular basis.

I have never been overweight [or even close to it] but when I started developing into a more womanly shape I got heaps of stretch marks on my inner thighs and hips.
Shortly after I grew a bit I suffered from anorexia for over a year and still had stretch marks, and now that I have gained back to a healthy weight the stretch marks have only become more prominent [although I gained 25lbs in two months so I don't think that was exactly normal anyway].

[oh and I'm pretty pale, so I don't think that really helps much either]

I use moisturiser [which helps a little bit], but I have very sensitive skin and eczema so all those lotions etc make my eczema flare up :s

Ok rindi just so you know my son is 9 months old and the stretch marks from pregnancy do not always go away!

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