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Not strep and Not Mono....

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Hey everyone! About a month ago I had symptoms of strep throat so I went to see my doctor and she gave me amoxicillin to treat was a 2 week antibiotic.  Well...the cough and runny nose i had went away but the bumps on my throat didnt. To tell you the truth...i think they got worse.  My doctor DIDNT do a strep test (I didnt have insurace at the time). Well....a few days after finishing my antibiotics...the bumps were still there so i went back to another doctor...that doctor DID do a strep test and a mono test....both test said I didnt have either one of them.  SOOOOOO i'm freaking out!!! The doctor said that it was just some virus i have and my body is going to have to cure it on its own. and that she was going to send my strep test off for more testing. Anyways...she also told me if its not gone within a week to come back and see her. Im going crazy i'm so scared that something is wrong with me.  I was crying and everything in the doctors office.... She told me not to worry that I would be ok....but dont doctors always say that??? Anyways...If anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know. This has been going on for a little over a month now.

Also...she said I had some drainage from my nose and gave me some stuff to spray in my nose twice a day....its suppose to help with my ears too....I feel like i want to pop them all the time...
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I had Mono years ago.. they told my Mom and I it was strep for over a month before they finally figured out that it wasn't.  Don't worry about it too much but go back if it does not go away.. Maybe it is Mono, and they just don't know... I don't think you can get too seriously ill from a sore throat though.
you might have what i have. brace yourself, it's pretty disgusting! i've had bumps on my tonsils for a few years now. i assumed they were full of puss because when i started poking around in there trying to figure out what the hell was going on, it seemed all, well... pussy. i finally saw an ENT who told me they're actually tonsilloliths, aka tonsil stones. they are actually caused by plaque, and if you poke at them gently (say with a q-tip) you can get them out. unfortunately, they always come back! it's not at all dangerous, and actually much more common than you would think. google 'tonsil stone's and you'll find all sorts of info. not sure if you have what i do, but my 1st reaction was certainly the same (lots of strep tests, freaking out, knowing for sure that i was dying...) if you do have insurance, try seeing an ENT to get a good opinion. if you still don't, see if anyone will take you at a reduced rate. i don't have insurance, and that's how i get around it. and stop taking antibiotics that aren't totally necessary, they're not good for you or your immune system! keep me posted...
i had an episode similar to yours a few years ago... i was sick for  3 months before anyone figured it out.  first they told me it was just a cold.  then they said it was strep and gave me medication.  it seemed to work for a little bit but it just came back.  i finally went to a different doctor where they explained to me the difference between the two types of strep tests... its been awhile but the main idea is that the longer one is much  more accurate.  it turned out i had "glandular" strep just meaning that it was not in my throat it was actually in a lot of the glands in my body and that the normal dosage of antibiotic just wouldnt do.  on top of that they also said i had sinusitus (like your runny nose) which was aggravating the symptoms.  It was drastic but it finally worked, they put me on about 5000mgs of antibiotic per day.  the other option was getting my tonsils removed.  so hopefully this "further testing" means the longer strep test in addition to whatever she did already.  If it doesnt you should go back and demand it!
Hey everyone.....Just a little update:

My week was up Thrusday...the bumps are still there....I still think they might be getting a little worse.  I'm still driving myself crazy....I started taking St. Johns wort to try to keep me "happy"...anyways....these bumps in my mouth DON'T hurt....they're just really really annoying. The doctor told me to take Ibuprofen 3 times a day to help....and i did for a few days then i stopped....and i've notice i've had a small grade temp. every now and then.... like right now...its doesnt go past that.  I feel really tired during the day also....My lymph nodes are NOT swollen....I dont know what the hell its going on with me....The doctor never called me back about the strep test they sent off........I thought about calling but i'm to scared. So im just going to figure...its nothing bad b/c they would have called me. Anyways....I'm still going crazy...i think I might make a appointment to see my denist on Monday... just to see what he says.

I'm scared to go back to my other 2 doctors...they might want to send ME off somewhere next to do some testing.
go call and get your strep results!!! all you need to do is go on the right antibiotics. and if you don't get it treated if it's positive, it can become dangerous. if negative, find someone who can properly diagnose you. an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) is who you should be seeing (not your dentist), they will tell you what it is right away, you won't have to guess anymore and you'll be at peace! now go and take care of yourself!
damnit...I'M SCARED!
why are you scared? peoples tonsils often times have lots of weird and gross looking shit on them. they're tonsils, they're made to get icky sometimes! i doubt it's anything bad. what's bad is that your stress over it is going to make you even more sick. now don't write back until you see a doctor and get your results... damnit!!!
I noticed in a previous post that you starting taking Phentermine, if the symptoms started after being starting on that medication, there might be a relationship. Phentermine can cause a dry mouth, which can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria and other problems. 
If your strep test came back negative then for gods sake DO NOT take antibiotics!

You probably have a viral sinus infection which is causing post-nasal drip.  Post-nasal drip is enough to give you a sore throat because all that snot is draining down there and is full of virus and bacteria (the normal ones).  Your immune system tries to fight it off which is why you are irritated in your throat and have a small fever.  Colds can last a long time, just let it run its course.

Don't panic! You'll be fine.  Drink OJ (or otherwise get a lot of vitamin C), eat enough especially protein and get a lot of sleep. 
adreanna, what's going on with those tonsils these days?
Well...I got my test results back....It wasd normal...the test shows that i'm fine...i dont have any kind of strep.  I havent posted in awhile b/c  i've just tried not to think about it as much...I really think i started going crazy there for a min.  Anyways....lets see............................THE BUMPS ARE STILL THERE!!!! I havent been back to the doctor since i had the test done (the office called and told me the test came back normal)....Sometimes I think they are going away and i'm getting better....but other times....i dont think anything  has changed.  I DONT HURT....ANYWHERE! I feel like i've always felt....normail....just with a little extra in my mouth.  By the way.....I haven't taken Phentermine in about a month....when started having problems with my mouth I stopped taking them. ......Ok......I have left out one little thing....that I dont think i've told any of you.....(please dont judge me) I have HPV.....I asked my doctor (when i had my test) if that might have anything to do with it and she told me NO.....I didnt mean to be rude but i questioned her about it some more and she keep telling me no no no. Has anyone heard of having hpv or warts in the mouth??? ......i really dont think thats what it is....but....hell....what else could it be?  I dont have HIV or AIDS....or hepatitis.  I've also went and had the GARDASIL shot...who knows if it will do any good considering i already have it....anyways....PLEASE PLEASE dont scared me to bad with your comments. LOVE YALL!
(dagicat)  DAMNIT! hehehe
OH....I smoke!!!...i dont think i've told yall that either.  I love my cigs! I know thats not helping....but lets not go into that. I get it enough from the pharmacy I work in b/c i'm the only person who smokes.
ok, glad you're still with us... so it's not strep. that's good. strep sucks, nobody wants strep. and having to be on antibiotics sucks even more.

i don't know what phentermine is, and what the connection could possibly be. also not sure what gardasil is, guessing it's used to stop outbreaks? i don't know much about hpv, though i did have a strain of it some years ago. mine didn't involve warts, but they were concerned about cervical cancer (i seem to be fine now). so even though i don't know much bout warts and all, i can't imagine one getting them on tonsils. but, i don't know. and no one here is judging you. and if someone is, screw them, they're moronic.

have you seen an ENT yet, like i keep lecturing you to? doesn't sound like it, and i can't imagine why not. tsk tsk... really, you need to go if you are at all concerned. and you are concerned. i don't think you need to be, so you should go just to find that out yourself.

and have you gone on-line yet to research yucky tonsil stones, the things that i have? you could check out those explainations and probably figure out if you are blessed with them in a matter of minutes.

ok, so i'm lecturing you. sounds like you need a good lecturing. i know how it is to not want to discuss quitting smoking. i smoked for most of my days from 13-29 yrs old. i quit almost a year ago. so i know that you don't want to think about it, and i will for the most part spare you. however, you already know that whatever is going on is only being made worse from smoking. and it will continue to worsen. duh. start thinking about quitting, it's not as horrible as everyone will have you believe.

now don't write back until you've made an appt to see an ENT... damnit!!!!!!!!

I think your doctor is right and it's probably something that will run its course. 

Take very good care of yourself.  Drink plenty of water and make sure you are getting adequate nutrition, and rest as much as you can.  Give your body a chance to heal itself.

quitting smoking would be the single best thing you could do for yourself.

soooo... what's up, tonsil lady?
Are they bumps or blisters?  I can't spell this worth a crap so I will tell you what I had by the way it sounds... coxsacky virus.  I think it is spelled cochsachy, but anyway, it is a virus that makes you feel like crap and the sore throat is killer.  I had blisters on my tongue and in my mouth and all in my throat.  My kids got it too.  It took about 2 weeks for a full recovery.  I hope it is a bacteria so they can give you some meds to clear it up.  Virus illnesses suck because you have to let them run their course.
I still think i'm going to die....

Hehe....I finilly borke down and called my doc. again and i'm going back in the morning.  My family is getting tired of me talking about it and not doing anything about it. Same old same old......they're just there....not hurting....just driving me crazy. please pray for me.....everyone seems to think i'm doing it to myself.....i hope they're right.
I also am thinking it's tonsil stones. Good luck at the docs and keep us posted. {{{{adreanna}}}}
about 4 months ago a similar thing happened to me. i had been sick for a while before that, and i had been on tons of antibiodics for about 2 months prior to that for various things....and all of a sudden i started to get a real sore throat and i was always tired yet i couldnt sleep more than an hour a night. i went back to the doctor and got tested for strep and mono and both came back negative, the doctor said it probably came back negative b/c of all the antiobiodics in my body. well he said i would be fine, it was probably just a viral thing and it would pass. and then the next morning my tonsils had puss on them and were swollen to about 3 times there normal size. i had actually lost about 13lbs in about 6 days during this whole thing and then continued to lose about 8 more pounds in the next week. i couldnt sleep and i couldnt eat or drink anything but warm jello and gatorade b/c my tonsils were so swollen and it hurt so much. i went to my ENT and he put my on a medral dose pack(basically a steroid) and that still didnt help.

eventually it just passed, but i lost a lot of weight and had no energy for anything for a good 2 weeks--getting out of bed to go to the bathroom was a chore.  i didnt think i would ever get through that b/c it was soo bad. but you will get through it, its tough, but at least your tonsils dont hurt. you should trust you doc a little more, it will get better. if not, get a second opinion. good luck!
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