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stopping laxative what to expect

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I have been taking around 4-6 laxatives a day...I want to stop, what can I expect? Is it safe to stop cold turkey or gradually withdraw?


Also how much water retention can I expect?



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*I am by no means a medical professional so I really want to encourage you to seek medical advice and support as well*

But I think it is wonderful that you want to stop laxatives, they truly do not aid in any sort of weight loss and are really damaging to the body. I have been off of laxatives for 6 months- best decision ever. It is deff. ok to stop them cold turkey, just expect constipation. Hopefully within 4-5 days your body will adjust and you will be able to have a bowel movement on your own, if not you could try taking a dose of miralax which is a very gentle laxative just to get things moving. If that does not help consult a doctor right away! As far as weight gain, it really depends it can be anywhere from 1-5 lbs but I can assure you once your body is back to having regular bowel habits your weight will stabilize. 

Good luck! You can do this Laughing

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