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How can I stop obsessing about food??

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I've been struggling with food for a while. About a year ago, I developed an eating disorder and became severely underweight. I've been out of the hospital now since April and everything's just been so hard. I go through periods of a few days where my mind is calm and I handle food perfectly. I've noticed that during those periods, the difference is that I'm not obsessing over food. Then, something happens and I go through these other periods that I can't stop thinking about food and I just end up binging! So how can I stop obsessing over food?? How can I see food for what it is? JUST FOOD. I remember before my disorder, I was always naturally thin. I didn't really care about food. How can I be like that again?? Any tips?

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Are you seeing a therapist? I would recommend it.

Also, the days you are "obsessing over food"... Are you really obsessing over food, or is something else in your life inducing it? Just something to think about.

Yes I am seeing a therapist. And the days that I'm "obsessing over food" are the days that there is really nothing going on in my life... like I'm not busy so I guess I turn to looking forward to meals and stuff like that. I know I connect my emotions with food but I also know I have other activities I like doing that don't have to do with food. The problem is when nothing's going on and basically I'm "bored with my life" so I have too much time on my hands to obsess over food... See I used to be one of those naturally thin people but then I learned about calorie counting and weight loss and it messed everything up-_____- i just want to go back to my old way of thinking as much as possible :(

strongly think about some other things, divert your mind

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Why not take up a hobby on these days? Something to take your mind off of it, you could take a class if your free time is sort of the same time every week or you could try something that you do at home, learn to sew, you'll keep yourself busy and have some new outfits or homefurnishing to show for it! Or you could start baking, learn how to make (some nutritious, some not so) treats for the whole family, it might even help you to let go of some food hangups if you learn to view food as something fun!

Ya I need to learn how to strongly divert my mind. The sewing thing is a good idea. I used to make jewelry.. I also used to play tennis but ever since I lost so much weight, I haven't been allowed to play any sports. I'm telling you, this ruined my life. I just want to learn how to stop obsessing over food throughout the day and I just want to see eating as just a part of my day, not something I rely on or constantly think about

Once you get to a point where you have reconciled yourself to eating more than you feel comfortable doing, where you are not getting on the scale regularly to see if you have gained or lost, where you have clothes that can accommodate the water weight gain and bloating which often accompanies recovery high calories efforts -- when you get through all that, and you have a safe place to talk about your emotions, you will be most of the way there.

Until you are at a healthy weight (this may be much more than you desire it to be, and more than you weighed before the ED), and eating a healthy number of calories -- you are likely to continue to struggle with the ED hassles and thoughts, with your world revolving around food.  Seriously, most of those food-inspired surveys found in the Foods forum were designed by ED sufferers who were dreaming about foods they wouldn't let themselves eat...

I ammmm at a healthy weight. The doctors said I can go back on maintenance and I don't weigh myself at all anymore actually 

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