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my stomach is KILLING ME right now! HELP!

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So, long story short, I wasn't really paying attention today & ended up downing about 35g of fiber in only a couple of hours.
Needless to say, my stomach is going crazy right now. Cramps, diarrhea/constipation [I didn't think that combo was possible...], etc.

I'm supposed to be going out tonight [on a bit of a roadtrip, actually- I'm driving] & I'm really not trying to be stopping at a bunch of rest stops.

Is there anything I can do to ease this?
ANY suggestions are extremely appreciated.

[Note: I've already taken Gas-X]
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Don't go on the road trip. I don't know much about fiber intake but try calling your doctor for advice. And definately stay home. I hope you feel better!
I'm sorry I don't have any advice, all I can do is chuckle, because I keep reading posts from people about having "too much fiber.".....  And I eat soooo much more than that, daily!  I am soooo glad I don't have those problems!  (Like, today for example, my log says 69g fiber. hehe)....  anyway, I think drinking plenty of water is one of your best bets.  Might be problematic if you're roadtripping and don't want to make stops, though.  :-\  Sorry I'm not much more help...  Feel better!!  Doesn't sound fun!
definately rmgarcia has it right. fiber's something you can certainly get used to but in the beginning too much is absolutely awful! i think a roadtrip which not impossible will be uncomfortable. i also suggest plenty of water to sort out your system. but really, although that may seem like a lot of fiber in one day, it's really more in line with where you want to be heading. i'd try upping your fiber in small percentages each day until you get to the optimal level. i actually add ground flax seed (which is practically all fiber) to a smoothie once per day and it is enough fiber to complete me for the whole day plus it's pretty good! i hope you feel better! hardly anything is worse than a yucky tummy!
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rmgarcia: wow! 69 grams?? i didnt even think that was possible. how many times do u go [#2] in a day?? is it helping your weight loss?

Hahaha, um, well I'm not trying to lose weight now, so I can't tell ya if it helps... and I certainly don't run to the bathroom constantly.  I think my body is just used to it.  I should take my own advice and drink more water, though.  As it is, 20 oz a day is like my max.  :-P  Not good, I know.

I think that must have been a particularly high-fiber day, for some reason.  I'm only at 52g far.  Haha!

If you are impacted (dammed up with stool), you can have ribbon-like stool that sneaks around the blockage.  A suppository may help, at this point a laxitive may be too late.  Don't laugh, but if you sit on the toilet, and push on one butt cheek, near the opening,  while you "push"  Take a break, then repeat the same on the other side, keep repeating.  This helps manipulate the blockage into a shape that can make it out.  It may hurt some before it comes out.  If neither of these work, than the blockage is pretty bad, and you should go to the doctor.
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