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Stomach bloated after eating every time?

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I wake up in the morning with a flat tummy...

So I've noticed that I eat breakfast, then my stomach gets a little bloated, but then its fine.

Lunch- more bloating afterwards, then lessens again.

Dinner- SEVERELY bloated and swells, lots of gas and urge to "poop". 


I eat A LOT of veggies for dinner, like tonight I had:

-3/5 of a medium pumpkin

-Steamed cabbage around 1-2 cups

-Root vegetables (starchy things) with soup- 1 cup

-Sauteed onions and fish- 1-2 cups

Total: 600 cals

Is my dinner too much fiber? Too little/much of anything? 

Why do I feel SO full and bloated afterwards? And this is like an everyday occurrence! I usually eat lots of veggies for dinner too...

My stomach looks pregnant now.

I do have constipation sometimes, like today, I haven't gone to the bathroom to poop yet.


Thanks all

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You've had some significant gastrointestinal symptoms in your past posts as well.

You've had nausea, vomiting, bouts of constipation and bloating. These can be symptoms of an underlying intestinal infection or chronic condition that should get checked out by a doctor.

It's hard to say the cause of your symptoms without knowing your history and your family history as well as delving into more detail.

I would recommend you keep a detailed food log for about two weeks before you see the doctor -- alongside tracking everything you eat, indicate what symptoms seem to appear and their severity throughout the day. This can be very helpful in identifying if certain foods are more problematic for you or not.

Best of luck.

The bloating and constipation could be a sign of IBS--however it could be anything. Talking to a doctor may help you get the answers you need, especially if your symptoms worsen. However, cabbage tends to make me gassy--very gassy, and bloated. You may want to eat it raw rather than steamed--i've heard it doesn't have the same gassy affect raw. 

It sounds as though you have irritable bowel syndrome.

I have IBS and it can be dealt with through medication. I got IBS from my eating disorder.

IBS is not a diagnosis, it can only be assigned to a patient once all other possibilities for the symptoms are ruled out.

IBS is not actually a condition -- it is the term used by doctors to mean: no known disease or condition found despite the presence of clear symptoms.

The following more likely reasons must be ruled out by your doctor: Chrohn's, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, possible food allergies and a host of infections from likely pathogens such as H. pylori (causing stomach ulcers). And also any physiological anomalies within your digestive system that may be responsible for the symptoms as well have to be ruled in or out.

Likely for the previous posters they went through that process of elimination so I'm just clarifying what to expect for the OP.

I've got that bloating thing as well, and I've had it all my life. Morning, flat stomach. Next few hours, bit bloated. Few hours later, more bloated. Nighttime, extreme bloat. I've kinda gotten to live with it :/ Maybe I'm too used to flexing and holding in my stomach all the time :P

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