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why can i stick out my stomach so far?

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i'm pretty slim, and have never had any real terrible starvation episodes (which could have explained this), but for some reason i can push my stomach out incredibly far so that it looks like i'm 6 months pregnant!

regardless of whether my stomach is full or not, it stretches to creepy distances. and when i don't push it out, it's entirely flat. has anyone else experienced this/have any idea what it could be caused by?

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I've played around with this, too. =P In all honesty, I think it's just how we can contract and stretch our stomach muscles.

The distended bellies that you're thinking of that come from starvation happen because the abdominal cavity fills with air, gas, or water. It's a side effect from a severe lack of food. Like this little girl. =(

It's just your ability to control your abdominal muscles. Many wind instrument musicians (flute, oboe, clarinet, trombone...), thanks to the development of their diaphragm muscle (which separates the chest from the abdomen), can push their stomachs out like you can and then some.

Nothing wrong with you, even if it creeps you out.

Stomach distension due to malnutrition is not controllable with muscles and you would not have a flat stomach at any point in time.

Oh, and belly dancers can also control the abdominal muscles like you can as well.

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