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Splenda: How much is too much?

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I have probably 5-6 splenda packets a day... what are the risks in intaking so much of it? Will it cause cancer, make my body fat redistribute, or make me gain weight (these are all things i hear, but I have no clue how much truth there is to them). Whats your opinion on spenda?

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Everything in moderation.

That includes Splenda! Too much of anything can be bad for you.

Of what I have actually heard of sucralose - heard, not proven - it tends to cause headaches and gutache in the short and long term and can result in weight gain - not because of what it is, but, like in the way people see "light" "fat free" and so on and think: "Oh, it's less calories, so I can have more, right?"

Really, though, five to six packets is a LOT. Cut down, or stick to a smaller amount of the real thing! It's a lot more satisfying and you may find you want less!

5 or 6 is a LOT???  that is like a couple coffees.  doesn't seem like a lot to me.

When I used to use Splenda, I found it conditioned my tastebuds into thinking I needed to have everything really sweet. Like I used to put 2 packets into my coffee in the morning... but if I used 4 real sugars, it didn't taste sweet enough. I weened myself off artificial sweeteners because you really don't know what kind of effects it could have.

you could try cutting back if you really think its effecting you negatively. Like trying 5 a day then maybe only 4 the next.  I usually just have one packet in each cup of coffee so thats 3 and maybe another one with tea in the evening.  I don't think 5-6 is too much though.

I use 8 packets in my oatmeal, I used to eat oatmeal everyday and I've never had any problems. No headaches, stomach problems, cravings. It was like I was using sugar, just minus the calories. I also use 8 in my coffee. These 2 food items, I've always used ALOT of sugar in because I like them very sweet. Otherwise, I don't use it at all.

I don't know if it's true or not, but I read somewhere that artificial sweeteners have been linked to a very embarrasing problem kind of similar to side effects of using Alli. You get the drift.

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