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How soon before your period do you have water weight gain?

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You'd think I'd know the answer to this being that I'm 32, but I'm not all that sure. I always seem to go shopping and try on clothes either during that time of the month or right before it when my weight and bloatedness is the greatest. I just posted another topic about being a size 29 which is equal to a size 8 in BEBE jeans and I'm mad about it because I thought I was a size 4 because that is the size of the most recent pair of jeans I have and my size 6s and 8s are too big, so how the heck can I be a size 8. I was wondering if this was due to pms or water weight gain because I'm supposed to start my period on March 9th. Can anyone shed some light for me?
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It builds 5-4 days out then it GOES two days before.
Ok. I don't think that is accurate for my body in particular. I feel bloated and I'm positive that I weigh more the whole 5 days of my period. I go back to normal once it's over on day 6. For the whole time however, everthing fits much tighter. Could this be different for each woman?
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jean manufactures are nortorious for making you think you are alot smaller than you really are.  or some -- use european measuring, which more accurately measures the HIP ratio.

29 is typically a 6-8 american size.  but every manufacture differs.  the size 4 is probably put on a size 29 so girls will "BUY" it and "think" they are size 4 -- and they get to think they are smaller than they really are.  its just a marketing ploy to play on a girls preception of skinny or small.

that said - you can't go 4 jean sizes UP with water weight retention.  if you did, you'd have to go the hospital!

 i'd blame it on the jeans, not on water retention.  also -- before you start your period you can get bloated -- so your jeans that normally fit you are TIGHT.  you won't not fit into them, unless you just recently put them in the dryer and gained some weight :)

 good luck!

As a (former) obsessive weigher, I know that for ME, it starts creeping on at most about 10 days before my period, and really starts building in the few days prior.

I'm sure it's just the jeans!  I wear anything from a ladies' 4 to a juniors' 7.  I went clothes shopping just yesterday, grabbed two cuts of the same brand; one fit wonderfully, the other I couldn't even get over my bum!  I try to avoid buying clothes around that time of the month... I know I'll just feel worse.  (Cramps, bloating, AND my favorite clothes don't fit?  Ick.) 

This will sound unlikely, but it's true for me... (Anyone else with this problem?)

I start to bloat almost an entire week before my period starts.  Just a little tiny bit at first, then it slowly builds until I look pregnant.  I even stand like a pregnant woman; hands on the small of my back with my belly thrust out... the skin my abdomen gets so tight, I can flick it and get a sound like hitting an uncut gourd!  Even my hips, thighs, and ankles bloat!  Unfortunately, the bloating doesn't go away until my period is almost completely over.  My GYN is treating me for endometriosis with oral contraceptives and an anti-inflammatory, but they're not really doing the trick as far as my symptoms are concerned.  I'm going to talk to her about the possibility of checking for fibroids...

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I was wondering the same thing.  I hadn't had my period for 8 months and maintained my weight perfectly during that time.  I haven't changed my calorie intake or my exercise routine, but over the last month I put on 2+ lbs which would come and go, but I felt horribly bloated and nasty for the whole time.  Then 3 days ago I finally got my period and I still weigh about 3 lbs more than normal and my lower abdomin looks like a balloon.  I remembered the water weight coming off the day i got my period, but this time it seems to stick around...I'm really uncomfortable and getting a cold on top of it, so I hope it will go away soon!
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