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Slow peristalsis- anything you know to move things along?

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Hey, a little bit of an embarrassing question but..... anyone have any advice on how to get my intestines moving a little better?

Here's the background.  I wasn't moving my bowels very well and I was having alot of gas and discomfort so I went to the doctor, who sent me to a gastroenterologist.  The gastroenterologist put me on Xifaxan, a medicine which is nornally given to people who are travelling and don't want to get Montezuma's revenge.  It works by killing off some of the bacteria in your colon because an inbalance there can either give you diarhea or, in my case, cause food to spend too much time there, becoming dehydrated and hard to eliminate.  It helped me alot and my symptoms have been much better over the last 2 years or so.  Inthat period of time I have realized that certain foods really provoke my digestion.  Onions, garlic and sugar (even fruit sometimes) make me gassy and constipated.  Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and eggplant make me breakout in the sweats and have very acidic diarhea.  Ok, all that grossness out of the way, I still have bouts of constipation despite the fact that I avoid my trouble foods religiously, drink ~ 1 gallon of fluids a day and am sure to eat 50-75 grams of fiber a day.  I think I have slow peristalsis in my colon.  I never hear my tummy grumble and squeak like I can hear my husband's when he is digesting a hearty meal.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to speed my peristalsis up?  I cannot use laxatives or "colon cleanser" products because I'm on medicines which control my endocrine system that would be washed out of my body those products.

sorry, long, complicated, slightly gross post.  please help.

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Not sure if it works for everyone, but for me it quinoa.  It gave me very bad gas the first 24 hours after I first tried it, but the next day I had two BM's.
If I consume it every day, I am very regular.  If I miss a couple of days I can tell.
I haven't had quinoa in three days and I am already irregular.  Tomorrow I will be making a batch of it for sure.

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thanks spoiled_candy, I'll check it out at the whole food this week.

You could try aloe vera capsules/gel or juice.  I know it has helped me a lot.

I don't know how helpful this might be since you mentioned an imbalance of the bacteria in your colon... but probiotics have done wonders for me.  I take two capsules every morning, and not only has it helped with my regularity but it has also greatly improved my digestion. 

Again, no idea if this will be helpful to you at all since it might alter the balance of bacteria in your colon in a negative way? - but it has helped me.

Best of luck and I really hope you feel better soon!  I am sure it is not pleasant to feel how you are feeling Frown

Original Post by ray0ray2:

You could try aloe vera capsules/gel or juice.  I know it has helped me a lot.

I have heard wonders about these, too.  Haven't used them myself, but my grandmother used to take aloe juice daily and swore by it. 

It sounds like you're doing what you can with your diet by increasing fluids and maintaining fiber, have you tried a moderate amount of cardio? trying to fit a walk 20 minute walk in or some form of cardio could help to increase peristalsis.

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Walking does seem to help sometimes.  When i'm traveling i do try to walk some everyday because i have seen that help, but for some reason I haven't thought of it for when I am home.  Well spotted, I'll add it to the arsenal next time I start to have a problem.

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