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Slow bowel motility and weight gain?

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My doctor recently ordered some tests to see how well my bowels are working.  One test showed that I have slow bowel motility (meaning it takes a long time for food to get from my mouth guessed it...the other end).  I suffer with a lot of bloating, constipation, gas, heartburn and indigestion. 

I've gained 30 lbs in 2 years and have had sooo much trouble getting the lbs to come back off.  I have found that if I eat to much protein I feel sick to my stomach, but if I eat to much fiber I also feel uncomfortable from bloating and gas pains.  What on earth am I supposed to eat???

It is so frustrating to try to lose weight when there is so little you can eat.  I have bladder disease so anything with acids are out, bananas are out because of their high potassium, no peaches, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, citrus, grapes, or anything like that.  The only fruits allowed are pears, honeydew melon, watermelon, and blackberries.  I do eat a lot of veggies (snow peas and snap peas are my favorites).  And a lot of whole grains.  But for protein I have trouble.  I eat a lot of salmon (pretty much the only fish I really enjoy), I've tried tuna but the oil makes me feel ill after awhile, I eat chicken and turkey, but even that gets tiresome after awhile.  And when I eat beef or pork I always feel a bit sick to my stomach (even though I love both).

So I'm feeling frustrated beyond belief.  I want to learn how to eat well, fill myself up with minimal calories, and yet get the nutrition my body needs.  Plus I have to eat to curb flares with bladder, and to help erm....move things on through my body.  HEEEEELLLLP!!!!  Any ideas on how I can do this would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks in advance.

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I had a problem like this in my 20's. Nothing sat well, yet no weight loss, and I was already thin. Now 44, and overweight- I rarely have that problem.  I had every test back then and I was diagnosed with IBS.  Eating high soluable fiber or taking metamucil with LOTS of water helped get my stomach back in shape. I was not constipated but had diarrhea often. The metamucil still helped. After that I was able to eat green salads, or oatmeal with meals to help digestion.  At first it will be worse, but eventually gets better as your GI system becomes used to the fiber.  Slow GI motility is often due to diabetes. Eggs, tofu and beans are high in protein.  Add these to a green salad for a satisfying meal.
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