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Slimfast, Ensure, Boost ect....Which are healthiest???

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Which supplement is the healthiest? Nutriant wise?? Does anyone have an opinion? Or any other suggestions for better healthy supplements, then those listed here.
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I stick with slimfast because I looked up the nutrition info way back when and realized that was the best for what I was looking for. Ensure didn't even compare to the other two because it has SO much sugar in it!

slimfast actually has more fat in it than boost but fewer calories, less sugar, and more protein. and as far as vitamins and minerals, slimfast and boost are pretty similar. so slimfast is my choice.

Thanks!! That helps!!!


Anyone else have any say?

I was in an eating disorder hospital where they made everyone drink Ensure Plus. When you first came into the program, you usually weren't allowed to eat food-- your diet was completely ensure.

I had a friend who was discharged and went to an outpatient program that specialized in using organic foods to gain/maintain weight. She actually had withdrawel symptoms for almost 2 weeks because of all the sugar that as in the ensure.

So ensure is DEFINITELY bad! Slim Fast and CIB both have almost 40g or sugar per can, so they're bad too. I would recomend making your own shakes using 1 cup 1% milk (110 cal) and 1 scoop whe protien powder (120)

Wow! That is a lot of sugar!!!! Thanks for sharing.
Im in treatment right now for an eating disorder (was inpatient for two months, now i'm on an outpatient basis) and they make us drink a Boost if we don't eat all of our meals. They are NASTY in my opinion! The only one I could stand to chug (literally) was the vanilla. Slim fast tastes good though and they have low carb ones. I've also had AdvantEdge low carb ready-to-drink protein shakes (the chocolate one) and it's VERY good, low carb, low calorie, low fat, and high protein! But I agree with oomboo2, add protein powder to a cup of milk. You can buy huge containers of whey or soy protein powders that are low carb and taste good. I actually just use water with the powder (I still think it tastes good) but using milk makes it a little creamier and adds more nutrients.
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Hello.  I should offer up full disclosure that I work for Nestle Nutrition (owners of BOOST energy drinks).

 In our research we have found that BOOST High Protien to be the best nutritional option.  It does have more calories than SlimFast, however it provides way more vitamins and minerals.  And the added protein helps curb cravings longer and provide extra energy for working out.

 BOOST also has a new product - Smoothie - that has the same nutritional benefits but a nice alternative to the same old choc, vanilla flavors!  I usually have one for breakfast! 

 I hope this helps.  And not to sound too much like an advertisement has great information about all the products and how to use them as well as nutrition advise!



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