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I get really sleepy when i get cold

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Ok so ive always had this problem. I'll get cold and headachy then real sleepy. I dont know if anyone eles has experienced this but I found that if I eat like half a cup of ice cream that it will wake me up and my headache will go away. Im like 95% sure its not diabetes cause im not losing weight and im not urinating frequently. maybe it is an imbalance in my blood sugar levels. Which I know things like eating a piece of fruit wont help. i know cause ive done it. Also this only started happening again within the past like week or so, I havnt really felt it since last winter/spring. Has anyone eles experianced this during the winter months?

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You don't have to be diabetic to have low blood sugars (mild hypoglycaemia) - which would be similar to what you describe.  Refined sugar is an effective 'cure' because it's neat glucose easily absorbed into the bloodstream.  Regular meals/snacks and sufficient snacks can help if that's the case.   If you get extremely cold and then very warm that can make you feel faint.  You may also have low blood-pressure.  

If it's happening often then you should ask your doctor about it. 

during the week though my meals and snacks are normal, but it usually starts after my afternoon snack which then I usually skip the gym and go home to sleep. The last 2 times it happened I ate the ice cream, maybe I will get a gallon or some fudgecycles to keep on hand. The blood pressure thing could be something, last time I went to the doctors which was a couple weeks ago for a chronic sinus infection, they took my blood pressure and it was 100/70 which i thought was low cause i always have 120/80 maybe if i was nervous about the doctors on the rare occasion it was a little higher but not lower. when it happens again I will go straight to the doctor to get checked out.


I used to have that problem of getting really cold and really tired at weird times.  I always noticed it especially when I would work out it would be worse.  I also have fairly low blood pressure.  I ended up seeing my doctor, and it turns out I wasn't getting enough iron.  Now I take an iron supplement each day and I'm a different person! 

Yea i should just in general get a whole physical since my diet has changed and ive been working out. I should get a full blood work done and get my cholesterol, sugar levels and iron checked. High school my iron was fine when I gave blood but that doesnt mean in the past 5 yrs it hasnt changed even though my sleepyness occured alot in high school.

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