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Skin Flushed & Temperature Rise after Eating

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Hi Everyone!

Is this normal? Almost everytime after I eat food, I feel like my face and chest get really warm.  I start sweating and my skin will even get flushed at times. I don't experience any itching or stomach upset.  I don't eat huge meals.  I do have a tendency to eat quickly because I don't have a lot of break time...  Should I be worried or is this just an indication of my metabolism kicking in? 


:-) Juliana
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*Bump* Any Suggestions?
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Have you been tested for food allergies?  They cause more diverse reactions than one would tend to think.  
It does sound like it could be food allergies.  Have you noticed any similar foods when you have a reaction?  Wheat and peanuts are both common culprits, and they are in so many foods.
my nose starts running sometimes when i eat too fast... what types of foods are you eating?
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