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signs of starvation mode

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how do you know when your body is in starvation because when a person increases their calorie intake and gains weight, he/she can just be eating too much?

are there any physical signs?

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There's 'starving' and there's 'starvation mode'.  Starving would be if you regularly consume very few calories and the symptoms would be those of malnutrition... chills, susceptibility to illnesses, hair-loss, fatigue, dizziness...

Starvation mode happens when you moderately restrict your calorie intake for several weeks or if your calorie intake is severely restricted over a short period of time.  Signs that starvation mode has happened are that weight-loss (if that's the intention) stalls or slows down to a crawl & the person can lose their appetite or stops feeling hungry at mealtimes.    Starvation mode is another way of describing a slowed metabolism.

The 'average' reasonably active woman between 125 and 200lbs should be able to maintain their weight on 1900-2100 cals a day and lose weight safely on 1400-1500 a day. 
i know what starving is.

but about starvation mode, after reading some people who gain weight from increasing their caloric intake, it could just be that they're eating more than they used to, no?  so if one no longer feels hungry, that could be  sign.

What the others said is exactly it. Starvation mode is when your metabolism is so slowed down to the point that it begins to hold onto every calorie that you consume for dear life "thinking" that it must store it since the body hasn't had enough calories. If you for instance all of a sudden go on a 500 calorie diet its going to defeat the purpose because if you end up eating more than that you will gain. Like the above said if a woman is active and trying to lose weight, she should not consume less than 1200 (depending on her weight that is). Usually 1400-1600 is the safest caloric value to consume to lose weight safely. It depends really on the height and muscle mass to calculate the right amount of calories for you to lose weight and to not go into starvation mode. A dietician can help you with that. 
To answer your question...

I had been in starvation mode most of my life... I just didn't know it until now.

In hind sight, some of the "physical symptoms" that I experienced in starvation mode that I do not anymore are:

1. Stomach not growling and/or not knowing when I was hungry

2. ALWAYS tired! 

3. Headaches!  Constantly!

4. Always cold

Keep in mind that symptoms are like side effects... no one gets all the same ones.

whitetigress - you sound like me -

I didn't realize that I was probably in a constant state of starvation mode - I was never a big eater, didn't seem to get hungry and  then got reflux and ate even less. It wasn't until I started logging all my intake that I realized that I was exsisting on 900-1100 calories and I just couldn't lose any weight. Though I'm in the healthy weight range I feel better about 8 pounds lighter. I've been slowly increasing my calories to 1200 -1400 (1400 the days i exercise which is usually 3 -5 days a week). I'm trying to zigzag my calories. Still no weight loss but I've only been increasing since the beginning of this month.

I am cold all the time and could not lose this 8 pounds despite working out ( lifting weights and cardio 3-5x a week) I have lots of energy and wasn't tired but never the less was in starvation mode. I'm finally starting to get hungry! Must be doing something right - I just wish the scale would start to budge.

I hope my metabolism bounces back soon :(  

When I went through a 3 year period of eating a very low calorie diet 2 of my main symptoms was tired all the time and throwing up every day. Now mind you I did not make a conscience  decision to  throw up  it was just a bodily function that happened. I did not know then that my lack of eating was causing that. But once I started eating more that went away.

hey i guess im in the same mode and no matter how much i exrecise i do  not lose weight at all rather just a little eating makes me fat .. any idea on how should I incearse my metabolism I am a veg and cant cook much ! Any help would be much appreciated 

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