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I am sick after quitting smoking

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I quit smoking on March 10, 2007.  I feel as if I am really breathing for the first time.  I walk alot and have been inspired to start a walk/jog program.  IHowever, I am making little progress because I feel sick all the time.

I have a constant sore throat and my ears are popping all the time.  After a month of OTC medicine I went to the doctor.  Anitbiotics did nothing to help. Instead, it caused  naseau and stomach pains/indigestion. 

Have anyone else experienced this after quitting? I would appreciate any advice.  I am still happy to be smoke free even with all these ailments.


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Thank you. I have to quit. I had cancer last year and beat it and when I started smoking again, I was like "are you stupid or what" The Dr. said I had gone through so much and almost promoted my reason for smoking. I begged him for the chantix after 2 of my friends (who I never would have thought could or would quit) did. So I have very high hopes. Thank you for your information. You are an inspiration. Wow 3 months. I can not wait to say that. :)
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Also, your dogs are so cute. I have 4 boxers. I may have to figure out how to add a pic like you did. I love animals. Thank you for info Rhonda
hi kate,

the same thing happened to me when i quit smoking!  i was sick for months... really, nearly a year.  my tonsils ended up getting so infected, i had them removed when i was 25 (approx. 7 mos after quitting).  

don't get discouraged... it will end, and it is SO worth it!  i had no idea how badly i smelled of smoke, how hard it was to breathe... now when i get a cold, it lasts like 3-5 days (not a whole month) and there is very little coughing. 

drink as much water as you can, take multi-vitamins (esp. vits C and B-complex), and get enough sleep.  it's tough but you'll be OK - i am; i quit on july 4, 2001 and would never consider smoking again.  if you need any encouragement let me know!
I quit a 33 year, 1 pack per day smoking habit on March 14, 2007.  I used Zyban for the first 3 weeks but nothing since.  I have not had one puff since quit date.

I have suffered mild allergy symptoms this Spring for the first time in my life.

I have recently just gotten over one of the worst head colds I have ever had - after reading the above posts, perhaps it wasn't "just a cold".  Everyone's right about one thing - no matter what medication I tried to help alleviete the cold, nothing worked.

I have hypothyroidism (was diagnosed about 6 years ago).  I have had little trouble maintaining my thyroid levels until the last couple months.  My T3 and T4 levels are still OK but my TSH level has shot up to 14.32 - never has THIS occurred to me before. 

When we quit smoking, I think all of us know somewhere, deep down, that our body will need to adjust.  BUT, I agree with others - a little warning would be a good thing!  Even when I went to the doctor to discuss my thyroid problem, he made no mention about it being related to quitting smoking until I suggested it myself - probably because he feared I would start again rather than feel as bad as I do right now. 

I'm sure, however, that we will all get through this and it is nice to know that I'm not alone - that others have felt the same way.
I quit 7 months ago and have not stepped on a scale out of fear, I've gained 2 clothing sizes and am thinking about starting smoking again.  I miss smoking and have never weighed this much in my life nor had to ever diet before, I'm only 30 but smoked for 17 years and was at 2 packs a day at one point.  I mainly quit because my son begged me to and I felt yucky.  Now I'm wondering if I made the wrong choice.
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Sheriwright:  what do you attribute your weight gain to, quitting nicotine or increasing food consumption?  Just curious.  And, 2 dress sizes is not so bad considering that you'll be alive to meet your sons children.  Congrats on exerting the willpower needed to you can use it to stay on track!!!!!  Keep up the good work.  
Sheri: the body goes whack-a-doo at first.

But seriously, once you get over quitting smoking, the weight will start to normalize. I've heard that most people take up to a year for their body to get back to normal, but that's not bad! Especially after so many years smoking! It takes longer for the body to recover from childbirth than it takes to recover from gaining weight from quitting smoking! Seriously! And I smoked for 30 years! I went up two to three sizes, myself! I had to borrow my husband's clothes, because none of mine would fit me. Now I'm back in my own clothes...

Just be patient, give yourself time...
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sheriwright - I quit in Nov '06, and I too gained weight, most people do.  Smoking increases your metabolism, so when you quit, your metabolism slows down.  I expected about a 10 pound gain and got about 20 - 25.  I am still having daily battles with the cravings. I am definately eating more, I think I have been humoring myself.  But now am ready to start losing the weight. I can't imagine what it must be like to be truly healthy, but really want to find out.

Kudo's on beating cancer!!  Just take one day at a time and you can do it!!! 

 Thanks for saying Nexi and Winni are cute, they are brothers and are a mess.  They are two of the five that I have.  I have three mini dachshunds (two longhaired and one smooth) and two cocker spanials, like you I am an animal lover and I tell people that I don't have kids I have pups.  :-)  Not to mention I have a 20 pound tuxedo cat who rules the roost.

Anyway, just remember and whenever you think of smoking that it isn't an option for you anymore (that's what I tell myself) and find something else to do.  You will eventually feel sooo much better not to mention smell sooo much better!!  I never realized how stinky cig. smoke was until I quit now I do and yuck!!!
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Hello, I have just signed up with this site because I was so relieved to hear that other people are in the same situation as me - having said that I don't wish ill well on you all :).  I quit smoking  mid Feb this year and over the past 6 weeks have been really ill with colds, flu, stomach bug and now the most hectic head cold EVER - swollen glands, painful sinues, sore cheekbones, coldsores, earache, neckache - you name it.  So after reading all the advice I will eat more bananas - can I suggest lots of oranges and pineapple too- and will start taking up more excersize, I am rather slack at that. I am also a supply primary teacher so am surrounded by all sorts of bugs and viruses. GOOD GRIEF!!  I guess some type of withdrawl is to be expected after smoking for 25 years - but I was not informed of the withdrawl either and I think one should be prepared. I have put on weight but I am not going to let vanity get in the way of my health, it does get me down at times but I know it will get better. PHEW, that was a mouthful.

Thanks for all the great support
I am using Chantix too and is great!  Going off soon and I will too wean myself off.  But I have been feeling terrible too!  Last week I came down with pluerisy, go figure!   My lungs are probable trying to get rid of all the poision I have putting in there for years and years. 
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I have been using chantix and have quit smoking now for 3 months ( I have smoked for over 20 years). I am having alot of problems with tiredness, gas and weird dreams. I cut down my dose of Chantix after a few weeks to 1 pill a day and feel alittle better. I intend to take the Chantix for the whole 6 months. I do not intend to start smoking again and if this will help I am all for it. I don't know if my symptoms are from the Chantix or from nicotine withdrawl. But it is worth it. I am so glad I quit. Also, I have only gained a couple of pounds I try to watch what I eat.
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I stopped smoking around the same time you did. My problems discovered during smoking Marlboro lights were bad and irratable mood shifts, excessive eating, depression, poor health, irregular sleep patterns etc. The list is a long one. I started smoking once and a while late 80's. This progressed into a 2 pack per day habit for close to 5-6 years strong addiction. I stopped by altering my behavioral patterns first. I broke out of the loney mindset experienced by most people I speak to. When you think about it, smoking is a lonely habit becuase society isolates you and brands you a smoker. Makes you go outside, can't light up here, there anywhere.

I feel cured now.Recovering, I experienced sharp body pains the pangs of excruciating nicotene cravings. I had a very bad ear ache, I tossed and turned in bed for days. I felt more alone stopping than when I did smoke. My sexual activity is much improved, receiving many compliants from my lady friends as to my performance, my overall general psychological mood is good and happy with positive feelings of self encouragement.

All of you are very beautiful people and stop smoking. This is (was) the very worst period of my life. I will never smoke again. Good luck to all of you and and please take very good care of yourselves.
I will have a 2 yr anniversary next month - I remember I got mouth sores and acne so bad its basically the body's way of cleaning out the toxins that have been stored up in there for so many years of smoking. 

Drink a TON of water is the best recommendation.  Antibiotics aren't going to help because its not bacterial - its just all the poisons finally being able to be released from your cells.

This spring and winter I also started developing allergies I never had issues before.  Don't know if maybe the smoking just masked the allergies or what but now that my airway is "clean" maybe the pollens and stuff show their presence. 
I quit smoking on 3/9/06. It seems that my health is in much worse shape now than when I smoked!! I have no energy and I've gained 25 lbs. since I quit. I get more head aches and my blood pressure went up... why is that?? If quiting is the "healthy" thing to do, why is it that you feel so darn bad all the time. I would think after being off of them for over a year, my body would have adjusted by now.

I also love wine! I do not like beer or any hard liquor.... so I have no other options but wine. Has anyone found out exactly how many calories are in a glass of wine?
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You probably feel like this not because you quit smoking but because you have gained weight. That will make you blood pressure go up and you will have no energy and head aches. I have started back on Weight Watchers now that it has been 3 months since I quit and have already lost a couple of pounds. I am starting to feel great. So maybe try some type of weightloss program or exercise it can't be any more expensive than smoking. But congradulations on 2 years and don't give up.
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I quit 20 days ago today. To be safe, I went and had a mammogram and a chest xray yesterday. I smoked for 15 plus years, 1 pack at least a day.

I am very fit and exercise 6 days a week over an hour each session...the whole time I smoked. Crazy huh? I wish I could say I all of a sudden feel better now, I feel proud I quit for sure, but the physical symptoms have been strange. I never had a cough before, and still do not, but notice I get alot of  mucous I need to spit up in the morning, its brownish/greenish. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, I notice little aches and pains, when I take a deep breath it kinda hurts in my upper chest, my sleep is erratic and i have bad dreams. I also am more tired than before. Is all this normal? Now I am terrified I have some sort of horrible disease, I know, I know, but still, you all worry too right?

I am using the patch by the way, and believe me it works. I tried the Chantrix and wound up depressed and feeling strange.

Anyway, I have held off the weight gain, been drinking tons of water, I have eliminated the wine because it makes me want to smoke and I do not need the extra calories, and eat lots of veggies and drink lots of water...I have always done this though.

When my mum initially quit she had the symptoms - cough, fatigue, sore throat, and a bit of weight gain. After the initial slog, though, her symptoms passed and she was a lot better - and has lost that weight in losing 6 1/2 stone to her healthy weight now. So I say, it's tough, but stick it out. You'll be a lot healthier in the long run.

I quit smoking March 19 of 2008.  March April May June July & August, I was so vertigo I could not drive anywhere.  (average number of mile driven per year for fun about 50,000.  Work- more  than 100,000.) I took a leave of absence from work indefinitely in March.  September the vertigo subsided , however the constant ear problems began, September, October, November,  December, January, February, & March I went to the doctor 3 times between Nov and December for ear infections.  I was sent to a Audiologist and she examined my ears and said there were some problems possibly with my tubes flatting and being infected.  .  Finally in April 2009 the ear issues started to tapper off. 

Along with this were many other small symptoms, cramping, gas, diarrhea,  visual problems, just the feeling of general unwellness.  I did much running, jogging, juicing, took a crash course in organics, and general health and wellness, and drank much water.  However in the end I consider it to be a waiting period.  Everyone is different.  I think I was one of the individuals whose immune system took longer than most. 

I am feeling better now, I have gone back to work and I can think clearly without feeling like I am going to fall over . 

my cause, one night before bed I was feeling like I was unable to catch my breath.  I felt as though I was unable to absorbe the oxygen from the air itself and decided to quit. 

The solution, stop.  I did not use prescriptions to aid this nor any over the counter aids as I felt I already had too many chemicals polluting my being and to add more to be able to overcome one seemed like the wrong answer.  So I decided to try without aid first and use the other as a last resort. 

It's been over a year now, and after the bout of sickness I endured there is nothing anyone could ever say to me to get me to go back to smoking.  

Everyone is different and it does not matter how one quits but that they accomplish it.  I had no idea until today that so many people got as sick as I when they quit.  It's nice to hear that I was not the only one.  Thank you

I never thought I would quit, but I am proud to say that I have been smoke free since May 7th, 2009 after smoking almost a pack a day for 20 years. I used Chantix for 30 days.  By day 10 I had stopped and I feel good that I'm not smoking.  I have no urge to and I've been around people who smoke and the smell actually bothers me now...

However, in the past six and a half months, I've started with allergies, had a cold twice and the swine flu.   I had a bout of vertigo, but I don't think it was related.  It started after riding the space flight simulator at Kennedy Space Center. The drunken/dizziness only lasted a few days.  Someone mentioned to me the reason I was getting sick so much was because I quit.  I asked my doctor and she shook it off; said our bodies start repairing themselves after being smoke free.  I guess this is its way to repair itself.  Now after reading these posts I feel better knowing its just part of the process of quitting. 

I also gained weight (about 20 pounds), but I started to diet and exercise and have lost 5 pound.  Still have a long way to go, but it's a start!

Congrats to all who have quit!  It's a wonderful feeling!





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