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My throat hurts really bad. I can't possibly eat healthy. Sure chicken noodle soup is good for you but not if that's all you're eating. What can I do?

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My mom said that in nursing school they recommended this acronym for eating while sick; it's BRAT

B - Bananas

R - Rice

A - Applesauce

T - Toast

A BRAT diet is generally recommended for people who are sick with GI/stomach illnesses and who are having trouble tolerating a regular diet, because it is comprised of items which are considered bland and generally more well tolerated when nothing else will "stay down."  It is also used to "slowly advance diet" of people who have not been able to keep down regular foods for awhile due to intestinal upset.  However, 3 of the 4 items might would work for the OP, but I doubt that "toast" would feel good on her sore throat. 

To the OP, if you have a cold, tonsillitis/pharyngitis, or other URI type of illness, and if your sore throat is your primary problem with eating, just do the best you can to take care of yourself, drink plenty of liquids, eat things which are soothing and as nourishing as possible, such as lowfat puddings (no, not terribly nourishing except from possibly a calcium/protein standpoint, but if you had or could get some low-sugar brown rice pudding, that would be even better), lowfat ice cream/all-fruit sorbet, yogurts, low-sodium soups, even cottage cheese or maybe soft scrambled eggs/whites, possibly oatmeal if you like it prepared on the creamy side, etc.  Hopefully, your illness won't last long, and you can get back on track when you're feeling better.  Just concentrate on taking care of yourself and getting better and eat what sounds good to you, observe rules about "healthy" within that frame as much as you can, and get back on track in a few days when you're feeling better. 

You won't do yourself major harm by eating a few things during these few days you might not normally eat on a regular basis.  You need nourishment while you're sick, even moreso.  Feel better!

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