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Shaking hands and a bit of light headedness :(

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Today, since about mid morning I have felt really shaky, my hands have been shaking when I try to hold them still and I’ve felt a bit light headed and ‘not right’. I haven't told anyone.

I used to get this frequently when I didn’t eat anything and was at a dangerously low BMI. My hands would shake severely, I'd be extremely light headed  and I'd have to lie down and eat something. Since I’ve increased my calories and gained weight I haven’t felt light headed at all but now I suddenly have the exact same sensation (not as bad but still shaky and light headed and uneasy).

This morning I had two cups of de-caffinated coffee but I have this the whole time. Today, as it is my birthday today so I’ve also had more to eat than usual and have been eating a gaining amount of food for about three and a bit months.

I had my first AS exam today in economics and in the exam my hand was shaking so badly I was worried about my writing! I don’t think it was because I was nervous because I wasn’t that nervous and the shaking started before and has carried on. I have no history of diabetes in my family and used to have weekly blood tests, all of which were fine. I do no exercise whatsoever anymore either and haven't for ages.

PLEASE HELP! Why is this happening????? I’m perfectly sure that I have a balanced diet and am eating enough to gain (4.5kg in about three months) and generally eat very healthily with a balance of everything. What’s wrong with me??

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Happy birthday!

My first suggestion is to eat something that will give you a combination of protein, carbs, and fats.  Peanut butter toast with a glass of milk, maybe?  Or a sandwich with whole grain bread and sliced chicken or turkey, with a bit of avocado.

It does sound like hunger shakes to me, but you should really see a doctor to be sure...there's a million things it could be.

Could it be an anxiety panic attack? perhaps because uv eaten more than usual??? little stressed?

it could be that your metabolism is so much quicker right now (hypermetabolism due to gaining, btw good job!) that you need more calories to keep your body stable! i used to be fine and stop shaking when i ate 1500cal a day, but now i feel shaky if i eat under 2500cal! it's these darn fast metabolisms from gaining... :))

Happy Birthday! :-)

Not knowing your true diet or history, this could also possibly be due to a lack of potassium and imbalance of electrolytes?

Thanks everyone, I've got an appointment with my team at the hospital tomorrow and i'll ask them about it so i'll let you know how it goes! x

good luck! hopefully it is nothing serious and is just stress related or something!

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