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shaking!!! I dont know what's happening!

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I am a travel softball player and play 1-4 games a day around three days a week. I always drink at least one water during the game so that I don't get dehydrated and rest in between in the shade, but after some games I get the shakes that last for as long as a day!!! I woke up one morning after a game and missed the bowl when I poured the milk into my cereal!!! I dont know if this is serious or just normal but even my parents see me shaking!!

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Sounds like a medical problem.. Are you eating enough to eat?

I'd definitely see a Doctor.

The shaking might be a symptom of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The primary source of fuel brain and body is glucose and if you are not eating enough your body may be low on glucose.

Make sure you are eating enough and drinking enough water. If you are often under the sun and exercising 8 glasses of water are surely not enough. Until a couple of years ago I spent entire days working outside and, even though I was not exercising, the simple fact that it was very hot (90-104F) made me drink 1 gallon of water, on average. Dehydration may also be playing a role in your case.

Well...these are all assumptions. I agree with erinmbryson: see a doctor, to rule out medical conditions.

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