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shaking when blood sugar low?

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Does anyone else get shaky when they're blood sugar gets low? This happened to me today just before dinner, but i'd just eaten a substantial amount 2 hours before. I didn't actually feel hungry either (but I'm recovering from ED so I rarely feel hungry since eating is just automatic). Any idea what might cause this?

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I'd get tested by your doc.

Did you have a lot of sugars in your last meal two hours before?  Are you getting enough protein?

My father gets shaky when his blood sugar is low, he is a diabetic. Dring OJ right away. this is nothing to foll around with go see a doctor right away.

hmmm i checked the labels of the stuff i ate before dinner, and one of them had 16 g of sugar... so maybe that's why. but in the past i've never had this problem. the shakiness only began a few weeks into recovery. my body and metabolism are pretty messed up right now i guess. i'll definitely mention this to my doctor.

I have always had this problem.  It's especially bad if the previous meal had lots of sugar.  Occasionally, I get it so bad that I feel like I'll puke if I don't eat something right away.  Strange, I know.

Try to eat balanced meals and small snacks in between.  Avoid too much added sugar. 

i get this too and i'm also recovering, do you drink alot of coffee? it could be down to that. if so try have good amounts of protein and carbohydrates to balance out your caffeine and sugar intake, this generally helps :)X

I've always had this too, although I am not diabetic or recovering from an ED. I think the condition is called hypoglycemia.

I mentioned it to my doctor last year (after reading a similar thread), and he said there was no reason for blood work, just to be mindful to eat regular meals and snacks.

I think (for me anyways) it can be partly a physical response caused psychologically. For example, I'll have days where I eat the same thing for breakfast, but one 1 day, I'll be shaky and faint by 10 and need to eat right away. The next day I might be very busy with no time to even think about having a snack and will be fine until noon.


A meal or snack of protein,fat,carbs can keep the blood sugar more leveled. Are you eating daily enough calories for weight gain and recovery? I remember a past nutritionist when I was on weight gain recovery saying often times when metabolism speeds up people may need 2 snacks in between meals.

I got the same thing frequently until my BMI reached about 16. Then my period came back and it seems to have stopped... I think it's a starvation thing - your body won't LET you restrict because it's so scared of being starved again. So if it gets worried it's not going to be fed it 'reminds' you, even though your stomach might not be physically empty or growling.

I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 2 years ago. Shaking was the primary symptoms-- I couldn't even write sometimes! I was eating substancial meals often, though with an on the road job lunch was sometimes a protein bar, fruit, juice, etc. My intake was not too low according to my doc, but rather what I was eating. I have some sort of sensititivity to sugar that is partially genetic. I saw it this past weekend (now that I am aware and take caution) after I had cake at a party. The end of the night and most of the next day I felt lightheaded and shook often! My doc seemed to think that my past history (way in the past) of ED could have influenced this, specifically my diet. During one phase I ate regular fat free candy-- gummies maining-- and juice. Nothing else but simple sugars. I now keep it under control by limiting sugar and avoiding simple sugars most of the time. I do not eat "low carb" just am smart about my carbs. The more complex the better for me. And protein is a large component as well.


That being said, you should mention this to your doc especially if suffering or recovering from an ED.

Thanks for all the replies!

abbi333: i'm eating 2500/day, but today the dietician told me to increase cause i only gained 0.25 of  a pound last week.

mashed: hmm my bmi is slightly above 16 now, but i'm sure it's different for everyone. that makes sense though, about the body not wanting to starve again :)

i asked the dietician about this today, and she said that hypoglycemia sometimes happens when the metabolism is doing all sort of weird things (definitely in ED recovery!), and that it should go away when i eat more. so i guess it's just something to watch for... hopefully it'll resolve itself with proper nutrition :)

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Did you actually test your blood sugar, or are you thinking it was low because of the shaking?

I ask because I use a glucometer to test my blood sugar, and in my experience sometimes the symptoms I associate with low blood sugar are actually being caused by something else.  (And of course, sometimes they're being caused by low blood sugar!)  It helps to have solid information about what's really going on.

Some other common symptoms of low blood sugar that might help you spot a pattern are suddenly feeling hot/flushed, unusual irritability, and nausea.  For me, these symptoms hit before the shaking, so they provide an earlier warning that I need to eat than waiting until I'm shaking.


No, I didn't test my blood sugar. The shakiness was the only symptom. I'm only guessing that it was because my blood sugar was low, cause it seemed to fit the symptom. it could certianly be something else, but the dietician at the hospital didn't seem surprised when i mentioned this, so it can't be too uncommon i guess. this has only happened to me twice in the 7 weeks (so far) of recovery, and not when i let myself "go hungry" (haha that doesn't really happen during refeeding lol), so it might just be what the dietician saying about my metabolism doing weird things and always changing.

Oh, and i don't drink coffee either, or even caffinated teas, so the shaking is definitely not from that :)

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Twice in 7 weeks doesn't sound too bad, considering the adjustments your body must be going through.  I asked about testing because it's nice to know for sure, but I do agree it sounds like it was low blood sugar. 

My son's had a couple of episodes of shaking from low blood sugar (I tested him) when he went overtime doing heavy labour.  He's healthy and a healthy eater, so the doctor wasn't too worried.  It's good that you're letting your dietician know.

Hi. I am glad you are increasing your calories.Some need even 4000 or more so if you are one of those and you are eating 2500 that could be an issue right there. It is true the body does go through a lot when repairing. Have you had blood work lately? It sounds like a good idea. You are still at a very low weight a bmi of 16 andso your body is still fighting and will be for awhile. Keep up the hard work

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