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3 Servings Miralax/ Day

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My doctor suggested I take 3 servings of miralax/day, in addition to medication Im on doe IBS-C.  Has anyone been told this dosage before?


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I suffer from it so terribly bad. Doctors have tried a lot medications and can not seem to find anything that will help. I go to a free clinic and they are limited to what they can give so maybe there are more options out there. I do know it is so frustrating. I was using Miralax but didn't get any help from it. I am still having to use laxitives a couple times a week.

i have to use dulcolax once a week also, but imscared my body will become dependent on that and i dont want that.

anyone else been told such a large dosage? 


Miralax is so safe you could have a cup at a time and be fine.  My son takes it so I've done plenty of research and talked with several GI specialists.  I've had to give him up to 3 servings in one sitting up to three times a day. 

If you start having runny stools, back the dosage down until you get to soft-serve consistency.  Don't worry, you won't have cramps.  The same is NOT true for dulcolax...that's more stimulant.  I recommend Miralax over dulcolax or even Phillips any day of the week.

I hope that helps.

TXKELLY-thank you, i feel better.  what do you mix it in when you give it to your son?

3  a day is fine, really. It's not absorbed and it's not a stimulant so it poses no risk to you at all. Make sure to drink lots of water/juice or whatever, which I'm sure you already do.

I've had 8 in a day for a few days before for blockages xxx

And BTW,  I mix it either with squash or lemonade, or just a small amt of water follwed by a couple of cups of a drink I like.

I mix it with apple juice and make sure he drinks lots of water and fluids


Smash-hi, what is squash? 

ok, ill just do that, hope it works, i need to buy some more for tonight.

So... I tried Miralax... 5 to 6 servings a day... for a week... nope, nadda, I don't know why doctors prescribe this stuff because it really didn't work for me. Back to the drawing board... but then again everyone is different so perhaps it will work for you - I hope it does too!

Squash is similar to KoolAid except that it's made from a liquid concentrate instead of a powder.

Hey Agru - yeah, basically like Susie said, its a watery fruit flavoured drink that you dilute with water - sugar free or not, loadsa flavours available.

Giasbash - that's interesting it didn't work for you. And annoying, I've had it not work for me before in times when basically all the stuff that had built up was soft enough to go through like normal poo, BUT - when it builds up for a while, your bowel expands and loses tone, and the nervous signals to it don't have as much effect.

So basically what you have to do it combine the softener with a stimulant just until you are regular again, then wean off the stimulant so your bowel has shrunk back down again, if that makes sense? x

i found the coolest thing at the store, single serving miralax so i can take it to work with me!!  lol

Gia-do u have a diagnosed GI issue?  i got it over the counter.  im taking it now, 3/day, in addition to very high does of 2 other medicines, im hoping for the best.

Susie+Smash-yup, thats baiscally what ive been mixing it with, thanks.

The stuff does work well once it is able to "Break Through" everything that is already there.  Another plus is that it retrains your intestines on how to work properly so there is no risk of dependancy later.  Anyways. . .  Both of my sons were on this at different times.  If you are pretty blocked you should try peppermint and or lavendar oils to jump start it. 

If you try lavendar I would just rub it on your stomach and The peppermint oil you can either put a drop in a glass of water or tea and drink it, and or rub it on your stomach as well.

Good Luck!

Through my work, we've been getting a lot of research on the laxative properties of kiwifruit in the diet.  As well as being a good source of fibre, we're finding that the natural enzymes in kiwifruit break down food in the gut and this all combines to make them extremely effective stool-softeners and laxatives.   Our studies are based on three pieces of kiwifruit a day.... and our participants all reported improved frequency and ease of bowel movement during the trial.  Worth a try, I would have thought, alongside any prescribed medication.

This link is saying the same thing... -is-so-good/


Sorry you didn't have good results with Miralax.   We did not at first either until we saw our first Pediatric GI specialist.  He's the one that had me give my son a CUP (yes a CUP) of Miralax to start.  He said to start with three tablespoons and increase up to a CUP until I got watery consistency...once we were there, we could back down until normal.  Lucky for us, we got results with 3 tablespoons twice a day...but remember...this was a very young child.  As someone else said, the gut takes time to let everything go.  Sometimes we would start with an enima and then miralax if things had gotten too bad, but the Miralax always worked in super high doses to start and it's totally safe.

Best of luck to you!


GIJane-hi, thank u! question, 3 kiwis, 2 sservings? is there a diff?  ill pick them up today!

TXKelly-im giving it a 2 week trial, do u think you could cook w it or just stirred in juice?  it has a bit of taste so im not doing it in coffee or plain water.

I have, suggested by a doctor, i was eating  a lot during refeeding, and my body still didnt know hhow to metabolize food so i neede d3x miralax to go

refeed?  oh, im just eating normally, constipation is a chronic prob ive had for yrs, yea, ill do mym eds, miralax x3, and 3 kiwis!


agruskin - You could cook with it, but it really needs fluids to work (ie...drink a lot of water).  It basically adds water to your stool to soften it.  I'd recommend just putting it in some juice if the flavor bothers you, but I don't see any reason you couldn't sprinkle some on other things to get more.  That's probably a better question for a pharmacist.  I do know we've stirred it in yogurt and pudding before when my son was really little.

I was on this dose for a while. Usually for meds that cause major constipation they will suggest this. I was able to play with the dosage and now I have it to 2 doses every other day in combination with a fiber bar every other day.

My doctor says it is safe for long term use as it works by osmosis.

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