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Runners? Walkers? Anyone... :-) Need advice regarding whelps?/heat rash?/red blotches on legs with treadmill walking...

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Hi! Hope somebody knows what this is!

When I'm walking on my treadmill, I get lots of puffy red blotches or whelps? on my lower legs and the tops of my feet...

I have no problem anywhere but in the lower legs, and I noticed they seem awfully heated when I would stop to adjust things for some blisters, like they were simply radiating heat...! Hence, I've added an extra fan directed at my legs...

I can't go very fast for now, usually only 3.2 mph to avid shin splints, for long walks while reading to pass the time...

It remains in a reduced fashion-- and itches!-- even after a night of rest...

I'm not outside in the heat... I've got two fans on me-- with the extra one on my legs now... and I've only experienced this once in my life-- years ago, only one time!

I had that sudden case of whelps? once, several years ago, while exercising hard in the heat with a rebounder, and it quickly cleared up when I cooled off...

This is frustrating and itches till I want to claw! Lol! Yell

I've walked many miles in the past-- in hot, cold and rain! without this problem... so I wonder if it is age related at my present 45? It has been harder to get this walking consistant now, with shin and foot problems hindering me, (and blisters!), and I'd really like to stop this last remaining nuisance so I can do some serious walking! Laughing

Any thoughts/links on what it is-- why it is-- and, Most Importantly! How to PREVENT it, and DEAL with it, lol! would be Greatly Appreciated!!! Laughing

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To me, it sounds kind of like hives.

Do you use a moisturizer on your legs or do you shave every day with the same shaving cream/gel?  I know that in the past, I've been slightly allergic to my lotion and been just fine until I get warm, when I break out in a rash.  So if you DO use something like a moisturizer or shaving cream every day on your legs, try going without for a day or two and see if you still have the same problem.

Barring that, I guess I'd recommend that you talk to a doctor about it.  It sounds really irritating!


I haven't used anything, before or after, as it seemed to me that lotion would create more heat... and slow down cooling... It only occurs while walking on the treadmill, then reduces as I cool off and rest, but still remains to aggravate me, Grrrrr!!!! Yell

I couldn't afford a Dr. visit presently, and it's probably a simple thing-- I just want to be careful and prevent it if I can...! Laughing

Ummm... I've never learned much about hives... I'll have to study that possibility, too... Laughing

* bump *

Anybody ever had this problem? Laughing

I'm not sure if this is the same as yours. But whenever I go running/jogging, my

thighs get itchy and blotchy. It's really tempting to itch them as I run, but I try

not to. LOL! But after I calm down from running, they turn back to normal.  

Thanks! That sounds similar-- but mine are being stubborn about leaving! Frown

I'd really like to avoid getting this! Laughing

Like strawberry dolly, my outher thighs get itchy-- i've been told it's a circulation thinkg--all the blood rushing to your skin to loose heat can be itchy and tingly.  With continued excercise, though, it shoul stop happening.

Have you tried WebMd or something? If you can't afford to go to a doctor now, perhaps you could self-diagnose using that website...

That's what I suspect-- makes sense to me! Wink

I believe you are right about it getting better, too-- as I stopped and gently cooled my legs with a wet cloth several times yesterday, and had no real problem through my normal 10 miles... Really Encouraged me! Laughing

But-- after I added 4 more, (went out for dinner, lol!), I found they had become  upset at the end...! They are NOT Happy today...! Cooling helps, heat dissipation is what it LOOKS like...

WebMd sounds good-- I'll try that! I wasn't sure of how to 'describe' it and google for a site like that-- I've seldom needed a medical question answered...

I figured that heavy Runners and Walkers would already know about this problem, so I asked here...

Thanks for the Great advice! Laughing

I'm not sure if it is the same thing, but I would get heat rash on my upper legs when I biked a whole 75 miles in a day.  I had diaper rash ointment on hand for other problems that stem from biking so much and I put it on the heat rash and it went away immediately. 

Like I said, I'm not sure if it is the same, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try.

Thanks! I'll check on that! Laughing

To go away immediately sounds wonderful! Wink

Identified it!!!!!! Laughing

Not something to fear, (as I was concerned about enraging it too far!), but not much to prevent or help it, either...! Undecided

Nice to know what it is, though... Laughing htm

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