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Regaining Periods during recovery

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I have just started recovery for Anorexia and I have only gained a pound since Dec 2011. I know thats not great and it is partly my own fault but being honest it is such a struggle.

Anyway, last night I got my period back. I still have a BMI of 12.7 and have not had a period in a year. I still had my period all throughout having Anorexia and even had it at my lowest BMI of 12. My period stopped a year ago, guess my body had enough!

I just wondered if anyone else has regained their period during recovery while still being at a low weight?

Any info would be great!

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Getting your period doesnt mean youre recovered so you must still gain weight !

You need to go to a hospital. Your BMI puts you at serious, serious risk of losing your life. Periods are the absolute least of your worries. Please go to the hospital Frown

Thank you for both replies! I know I still need to gain a lot of weight but I was just confused about my periods returning so early on. I guess I am grateful for them making a appearance but I have just hear people don't get them back till their BMI is over 20. Guess my ED are creeping in!

Thanks again :)

I don't know a whole lot about anorexia, but I do want to say, congratulations for acknowledging your eating disorder. I'm sure it is a struggle, are you under going any counselling or under a doctor's care? I hope so.

Best of luck, and I hope you put some healthy weight on soon!

I second that BMI 12 or 12.7 whatever it is Is very dangerous,  i dont want to scare you but thats like dead dangerous.  I see you have been maintaining on this for some time, 

please get help asap,  1 lb in 6 months is nothing.  I mean we can say great for you u know you have the ED but no not really,  you need to go an get this taken care of and get help ASAP.  

and yes i know its awful,  i gained 20lbs this last year and a half, its hard, but i did not want to die, and i wanted to have a family and i wanted my ED to stop screaming at me all the time.


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