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I recently got my blood tested. My cholesterol level is borderline high 210. Good thing is my HDL level is optimal, bad thing is my LDL level is high. (I don't recollect the numbers).

The consuting nurse told me that I need to take less carbohydrate and less meat and do more exercises. Excersie part I have no probs with, but am confused on the food suggestions she gave me.

As I have insulin resistance, I already try to eat low carb diet, so I needed to increases my meat portions. I don't take beef, only chicken, shrimp (my fav). I don't like fish either except tuna salad (yummy!).

Any suggestions on food, or any general suggestions to reduce LDL? I don't like to eat fruits either except for mangos, cherries.

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Thanks for the info Jessy. I take a multivitamin everyday and it's been ages since I had white bread.

At this time I am not planning to take any supplements.

Any food suggestions would really help.

What were your ratios?  This is actually the key factor. 

As far as lowering LDL, start incorporating high fiber into your diet. It is CRITICAL to eat less fried foods, foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol ...  use this website to track your cholesterol intake. Foods like shrimp actually are high cholesterol! Eat NO MORE than 300 mg cholesterol a day (ABSOLUTELY MAX). No deep fried foods and increase the amount of SOLUBLE fiber in your diet. Definitely workout more.

If doing all this and it still doesn't go down you are a good candidate for a cholesterol lowering drug as it's likely genetic. Don't worry though, in a few years probably everyone will be on them :)

You want to aim your total cholesterol to be lower than 150 and the ratios to be optimal.

ncygirl, here are the numbers...

Cholesterol 210

HDL 55

LDL perhaps 135 (will confirm)

I guess the ratio you are asking is total /HDL it was 3.8.

Thanks for your suggestions. I don't take deep fried foods. I would lower my shrimp intake. Another weakness of mine is eggs, I just love them. And I eat them whole with yolk. The nurse said that maybe the reason my cholesterol is high.

Could you suggest some veggies which are high in siluble fiber? I have started taking oatmeal nowadays. The quaker ones.

Cinnamon and oatmeal are supposed to help with cholesterol.
Your ratio seems ok.

Sure, eggs have cholesterol but as long as you are not having any more than 1 per day in light of a generally low saturated fat, absolutely low cholesterol diet, it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe limit it to 3 a week or something as each has roughly 200mg cholesterol.

You sound pretty healthy so your numbers are likely genetic (although increasing exercise will definitely help so that is recommended).

Here is a website with some soluble fiber foods:
  • Oat/Oat bran
  • Dried beans and peas
  • Nuts
  • Barley
  • Flax seed
  • Fruits such as oranges and apples
  • Vegetables such as carrots
  • Psyllium husk

We were just talking about fiber in another thread.  Try some of the Fiber One cereals, they have really high fiber and I also heard that fiber is an excellent way to lowere LDL.  A nurse told me the that the plaque in the blood actually gloms onto the fiber and it is whisked out of the system (ok, she didn't say "gloms").  Not sure if that's true but my hubby has a heart condition and his heart dr. told him he's doing very well because of the increased fiber and exercise.

Another suggestion from a fellow egg lover.  When I make scrambled eggs with tomatoes and veggies I use one yolk and 3 whites.  This makes a nice, lower cal breakfast that still has that yolky taste.  Good luck!!

I just tried egg beaters for the first time today and it was great.  No cholesterol, no fat.  Only 60 calories for a 1/2 cup serving, which is 2 eggs.

I limit myself to one egg per day, and I have it 3-4 times per week. So from the information above, I can safely assume that I am not harming myself on the egg side :)

For Fiber One cereals... I am not at all a cereal girl, I just can't eat them. On the other hand, I really love veggies. So I guess I can try increasing my fiber intake by taking more high fiber veggies.

Cheerios!  No one has mentioned Cheerios!!

I started eating them for breakfast when I had my cholesterol checked a year and half ago and it was at 230.  My good cholesterols are high at like 70 or so, but even so, the total number needed to come down.  6 months later I had it checked and I was at 210, with only slighly lower good cholesterols (like, 65 or something).

Cheerios with blueberries and skim milk.  Yum Yum Yum.

The daily recommended Cholesterol for adults on 2000 cals a day is 300mg I am on the South Beach Diet and I am sometimes in the 500mg range this is kind of scary.  My cal intake is supposed to be 1285calories a day, which I often find hard to get to.   Not sure what to do about the cholesterol!!!!

Is it because I am eating more eggs/protein. On phase 1 so, apart from the obvious protein, eating only very good carbs ie vegetables.  I have checked the SB book and the dieters examples all state that their cholesterol has come down.  A little bit worried to say the least that my intake is quite high.




I've heard 2 doctors say, walking is like a miracle cure for high cholesterol.  When I told one doctor my hubby worked hard physically, he said, its not the same benefit as uninterupted walking.

I've read, as someone above posted, fiber grabs the cholesterol on the way out and take it with it.  I quit eating shrimp when I found they were high in Cholesterol.

You can google "fiber" and get a list of grams in food.
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