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recurrent hemorrhoid problem

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I've had hemorrhoids that come and go and for three months from December to February they didn't come at all no matter how spicy foods I ate or how much water or fiber I had.  The pain I had was gone, but ever since February I have had painful symptoms, and I think I should change my diet to accommodate the stools.  I've tried taking spices out before and that worked, but that was before I started calorie count.  Now I eat vegetables, but I don't know how to cook them without spice, or sodium.  I hate steamed vegetables.  So now I've been eating like frozen meals like Chimichangas because I have no idea what to cook, and I like eating foods with at least some spice.  Before I had to completely cut spice out of my diet.   Yesterday I had 168 fl. oz of water and some papaya and it was still very painful.

I've spoken with my doctor and my doctor said that they would have to do a coloonoscopy only after the hemorrhoids have gone away, plus I can't afford one.  It's an internal hemorrhoid that's why creams are not helpful at all.

Is there any changes I can make to my diet before I go see the doctor again.



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I feel your pain...... I also have this problem, i have had recurring hemorrhoids for around a year now... Ive had internal and external ones and both are very painful... Even got to the point where i was too scared to actually go to the bathroom because of the pain...

Ive found that using a fibre supplement drink helps alot and i also have to combine that with a stool softener that i take every few days. 

I'm a little late getting on about this issue.  Ever since I had my first daughter 35 years ago I've had off and on issues with this problem.  If I don't watch my diet very carefully my "end" results will be harder and cause them to start inside.  If I go too much then I get them on the outside from the chafing of our good ole t/p.  I too had a bout of them over the past 6-8 weeks.  It was either inners or outers.  Man I swear by the old p/h remedy.  If I know the internal ones are there I use the cream but I use it internally with the little insertion device and also externally.  Then I start immediately with a stool softner and get more fibre but not so much as to cause frequency.  If it is a problem caused by frequency, then I just use it on the outside and I usually know why that happens.  I do have IBS and some things just set me off and running so to speak.  Boy this is quite the personal little conversation.   It seems when we get a certain age the balance of things has to be carefully watched.  It's one reason I like CC it alerts me if I'm not getting enough fibre by their nutritional report. 

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Something to be aware of is that there's fibre, and then there's fibre.  Soluble and insoluble fibre affect stools and the movement of stools differently.  Normally it's best to have a good balance of both kinds, but not always.

I find that tipping the balance strongly in favour of soluble fibre works best for me.  In terms of supplements, that means taking something like PGX, which is all soluble fibre, instead of something like Metamucil, which is a mixture.

It seems a little odd to me that your doctor won't order a colonoscopy until you're all healed up.  I know people who've had bleeding, and having a colonoscopy was how they found it was all from internal hemorrhoids, so it's obviously doable. 

I guess middle age is when we're past talking about our babies' poop, and we start talking about our own.  Sigh.

Just a thought--is there any chance it's not hemorrhoids?  There's an awful lot of potentially painful stuff packed into that area, and pain can be referred in some pretty weird ways. 

1. spices are killing your "good" bacteria.  Stick to garlic, black papper and salt only.

2. Very important! Introduce SOUP into your diet diet. At least for lunch. Home made one (avoid store bought).

3. Stop eating oatmeal at least for now but do add at least 1/4 cup of blueberries- it should kill the "bad" backteria.

Best regars,


i don't eat oatmeal and I don't like to make soup so canned soup has a lot of sodium.  I'm Indian I don't think I can live without spice, I have before, but now it's harder because food is so bland.  I can't cut vegetables for the life of me.



I've been doing salt pepper and garlic for the best part.  But on occasion like today when various things are offered at potluck, it's hard to know what you're getting for sure.  I think I did pretty good, just 4 wraps sections (80 calories) and 1 baked chicken wing with hot sauce.  The spicy food always comes back to haunt me as I'm sure today's will.......tonight, fresh pan fried (lite) halibut, mexican veggie wrap.  A ton or water as I worked out today.


I always watch the sodium content in prepared foods, especially for MSG as it causes me to feel reallly yucky for a realllllly long period of time, hubby too.  Do some organic, but not all.

Sometimes I just like plainly flavoured good product and save the salt and pepper etc for something it needs.  


My best friend is Shrilankan - she quit eating spices 16 years ago for her condition. She still alive! It all depends how badly you want to be comfortable on a toilet.

Avoid eating rice or bread with sauces, the purpose is to consume liquids! I would recomend adding more water to curry sauce but that just don't sound right.

 If you want any soup recepies, I can share some with you. They take maximum 20-30 minutes to make. They are not as "memorable" as eastern spices but they are not bland either. :)

best wishes,


I like this idea of soups, I was going to get the ingredients for skinny soup, cabbage, tomatoes no starch, but lots of veg and fibre.  I spice it up with fresh herbs?  Is that okay?  I do have a sensitive tummy so this is interesting.



I agree this might be a problem of bacteria in the gut (intestinal flora). In that case, you need to find a way to get rid of the bacteria (such as Clostridium dificile) and make sure you consume good bacteria.

I had extreme bleeding and anemia for more than 20 years. Nothing the doctors say, like don't wipe hard, don't strain, or use Preparation H worked at all. 

By using sodium docusate, Metamucil and senna and eating lots of bananas and pineapple, I was able to more or less maintain my anemic state without getting worse. 

Then I tried Clostridium butyricum. In three days, I got better. It blew me away. 
It's been a few weeks and my blood count is still on the rise. I've had two relapses, but both got better very quickly. 

A couple of days ago, I quit the C. butyricum and started eating kimchi two or three times a day, which seems to do just as well. 

I've heard of one case where natto helped as well, but I tried that daily for months without any success.

what is that last post a joke... 

it must be i have internal hems from stress and from lack of fiber although my diet is so high fiber,  and em no anal sex here,..,,, since you asked.  


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