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recovery food?

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Hey everyone! I'm trying to recover from anorexia. I've a BMI of 14.4. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. But I try my BEST to eat no matter how much anxious I feel when I have my meals. Ive decided to recover this time and I won't give up. I'm tired of feeling weak and dizzy all the time. I've deprived my body enough and now it's time to give it all the nourishment it needs and to repair all the damage I have done. I go for counseling and therapy thrice every week and I've to see a psychiatrist and a physician to deal with anxiety and other medical complications. I have some questions to ask and I'd be more than happy to receive any advice regarding recovery. I like to eat unhealthy foods like burgers, pizza's, cakes and chocolates :p is it okay to indulge in my favorite foods in recovery? Or do I have to stick to healthy foods only? My stomach has shrunk and I'm increasing my intake very slowly. So it becomes easier for me to eat unhealthy foods. Any advise? Really sorry for the long post and thank you in advance. Sara! (:
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You may eat whatever foods you wish to -- making it to 3000 calories is difficult to do when you restrict to 'healthy' foods.  Having said that -- there's no reason to go overboard and only eat the so-called 'junk' foods -- try to make your meals/days/weeks balance.  A lot of people eat a lot of carbs, which isn't inherently wrong, but large amounts of processed carbohydrates will help you retain water, water weight, which in turn tends to freak out anorexics who don't understand the processes

Your body is craving fat, carbs, and protein -- as well as all of the micronutrients that come with that.  For now, focus in on the calories, when you are at a healthier BMI then you can focus a little more on the health aspects of what you are eating.

Increase your calories by about 100-200 calories PER DAY -- throw in an extra spoonful of peanut/nut/seed butters, cook with olive oil, eat full-fat yogurts, cheeses.  Stay away from the no/low-fat stuff where you can.

I would say that a nutritionist could answer this question best.  But,  lhou5133726570 posted that they have now gotten to a healthy weight so you might check out their logs too.


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