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Recovering from anorexia and need your advice on what I'm eating

Mar 22 2007 16:37
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Hi guys

I've recovering from long term anorexia and trying to get myself on a normal diet.   What do you think about my current / average diet

Breakfast - 50 Quinoa or Rice, 1 egg, wakame

Snack - 130g chicken breast and some grapes

Lunch - 50 brown rice, 100g smoked mackerel, soup

Snack - Bunch of grapes, handful of seeds

Dinner - Turkey steak, wholemeal roll or 50g grains, bowl of soup, some vegetables

Milk - about 1/2 cups a day, 2/3 litres of water.

I practice yoga for about 1 and a half hours per day and walk for about an hour (leisurely)

Any comments please?  I'm trying to do about 2000 calories a day and increase muscle.
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Its kind of hard for me to tell just because I don't really know what 50 grams ect look like.  I measure more cups than anything.  how much is 50 grams of rice in cups?  do you know?

Also, you might want to add more fruits and veggies to your diet.    But your protein looks good for sure for building muscle.  But the fruits and veggies are good for your health also. 

What kind of seeds are you eating?  And how much?

Looks like you are on a good track.
Mar 22 2007 16:47
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That's 50g of uncooked rice or grain.  Approx 200 calories (kcals)

Its a largish portion

I'm not sure if I can cram in more fruit and veg without removing the carbs or protein.   Any thoughts? 
Oh gotcha.  I normally eat half a cup (cooked) of the rice or carb and then add extra veggies.  I feel like I get more nutrients and variety with the extra veggies. 
Mar 22 2007 17:01
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Seeds I'm eating either pumpkin seeds or brazil or cashew nuts
pumpkin are great for you.  Almonds are also great.   of course watch how many you eat because they do add up but they are so yummy.  I often put a 1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds on my salad.  Its really yummy.
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