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Recovered 1+ year but period troubles...

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Hey guys, It's been so loooong since I've been on here! :O Missed you all!

So I have been out of hospital for anorexia nervosa for just over a year now and can safe;y say my relationship with food is great ^_^ I now aim to get toned not over skinny :P YAY!

However since I got my period back just under a year ago it has always been REALLy light, almost unnoticable except the second time. And in the last 2-3 months I've mised it! I am eating 1500-1700 calories a day to lose a bit of weight healthily (0.5 a week) and my BMI is 19.7 so it's healthy.

Is there a reason for this? Did anorexia maybe mess it up permanently? Thanks in advance!

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sounds like you're eating too little and so your body can't afford to release a period, if you're losing weight then it means that you should eat more, hope it comes back

Hey Snowbab,

Hopefully I can give you some good advice. Menstruating (getting your period) is primarily due to the release of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. The amount of these hormones within the body is directly proportionate to the amount of fat tissues you have in your body. This is esentially why anorexic or underweight women lose their period - because they have an insufficient amount of fat on their body to release these hormones in order to menstruate.

SO even while your BMI may technically be in the healthy range, you can still have a really low amount of fat on you, which is why normal menstruation has not returned. Don't let the term "fatty tissues" alarm you - it doesnt mean that you have to gain lots of weight to obtain a normal period or become fat - it simply means that whilst maintaining your weight, perhaps you could incorporate some healthy fats such as avocado, dairy products, margarine, milk, peanut butter etc. into your diet.

Hope this helps you a little! :D

Thanks that is helpful. However I'm actually on a v.high fat diet. I have about 70-80g a day and less carbs. I have lots of peanut butter, almonds, milk, yogurt etc... so it makes me wonder even more why this is happening :S

Thank you though!

Well there are a variety of other things that can affect menstruation such as stress, hormonal imbalances, certain disease states. I would go to the doctor if I was you, just to get a check up. That way you will have some peace of mind. :)

I'm on the same boat as you. The only advice I can give is make sure to eat enough calories, fat, etc; and try to be patient. Hope it works out for us soon.

1700 calories is not enough. Your body is at a low weight already. Obviously it does not have enough energy to release a period. Your intentions may be good, but i think anorexia is pushing her way back into your life. 1700 becomes 1400...1300...1000 all too quickly. Please talk to people around you. Please make sure you eat atleast 2300, more if you exercise.
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