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A Reason for Constant Stomach Aches???

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It's been going on for like 5 days straight. Usually after I eat, sometimes especially after I drink water. It's just making me not want to eat at all, not sure what to do? and i can't not drink any water.

Its always a pain in my lower abdomen, either in the center or to the right. Its similar to the kind women will get during menstuation. almost identical. the first few days it felt like there was a mass there. but i'm not on my period, not even close...

Its just an extremely uncomfortable situation. ugh. help pleasee.
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You need to have a doctor check you for Appendicitis.

It might be something much less serious and easily resolved, but you do need to see a doctor to determine this.
i'll check that out. but i don't think its that serious since i feel fine when i'm not eating. it's serious i guess, but not to that extreme is what i mean.

i tried the link but the website doesnt seem to be working right now. so ill just goggle it.
Are you under a lot of stress at the moment?  I've had terrible, excruciating abdomal pains during some stressful periods.  I went to the doctor for them, and he couldn't do anything.  He said it was due to stress.  I suggest you go to the doctor, to make sure it isn't anything serious.
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I had a stomach ulcer and it felt much like that. And I had been taking ibuprofen like mad as I was working out alot, turns out ibuprofen is TERRIBLE for stomach ulcers. I ended up with a bleeding ulcer from the ibuprofen.........but for sure you should go see your doctor.
It could be all kinds of things - you need to see a doctor. We can't diagnose you online.

Please call the doctor first thing in the morning, okay?

Meanwhile check this out: tml
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