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Question about Anemia/Iron/drinking lots of water

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I was wondering if anyone knows if drinking large amounts of water can flush the iron from your system.  I had heard that eatting ice could so thought I'd ask about water too.

Half my body weight leaves me drinking 170 ounces per day though I rarely get that high. It is usually more like 140-150.

I have a history of severe anemia and only a few months back needed a blood transfusion, so this is a very important topic for me.

I started taking a prenatal vitiman this week, 156% daily iron (no not pregnant just prefer them over other vitimans I've found so far)

If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks Bunches.

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I don't know about water, but I have heard that tea prevents the iron from being absorbed.  But vitamin C supposedly helps it.  Facts, anyone?
Folic acid really helps with the absorbtion of iron.   Are you aenemic or are you just a worry-wort?
I would also be interested in the answer to whether lots of water can flush out iron. 
My recent CBC and came out anemic, for the first time in my life.  It just happened that the blood work was at the end of a week where I was purposely increasing my water intake.  I'm not due to see the doctor again for another 3 weeks, but will ask then.  In the mean time, if anyone knows the answer, I'd be interested, too.
my advice- an anemic due to family history- Please include one of these things in your everyday diet and reduce tea:

Raisins, Dates, Beans-kidney,garbanzo, any! Lean meat or livers.

Also figs and fortified cereal helps!

Dieting often means that the body doesnt get enough nutrients -including a multivitamin is BEST! I hope you feel better pinkempress!
OOh and I want to know about water too! I drink tons and have been feeling low energy lately...
Yep I am currently anemic (trying to change that though), thats why I''m so worried about it.  The last time I wasn't paying attention is how I ended up in the hospital having a blood transfusion- My hemoglobin had went to 5.3. I have no clue how I was even getting around that low.  I feel much better now and am only slightly anemic (at least the last time I checked so I was hoping to make some progress in the right direction. 

As far as water/energy goes. I feel as if I have more energy now that I have been drinking at least close to what my body needs.

Thanks bunches for all the replies.

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