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I'm upping to 3000+ calories. I'm female, 18 yrs, 5'2 and 80 pounds. I've been eating 800-1000 cals up til now. I'm so scared to increase. Will I balloon up? Will my metabolism EVER adjust? I just want to eat, but I'm scared that it will all gain and my metabolism won't adjust so I'll never be able to eat like normal people and I'll always have to restrict! can you please share your experiences? Please help me!
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Talk about uncanny, I have exactly the same stats as you. Only I'm 17. o_o;

I'd advise you NOT to shoot straight up to 3,000 kcal if you've only been eating around 1,000 kcal every day. Your body will most likely reject the sudden increase and you'll feel uncomfortably bloated; to the extent of vomitting, if you're not careful. (That's what happened to me when I tried to make too big a jump, since my stomach was used to little amounts.)

Increase your calories by 200-500 every day, until you reach 3,000 kcal. You've to retrain your body, and let it know you're trying to fuel yourself. And I'll use myself as an example to answer your questions:

(Some basic background about me; I started my recovery with 72 pounds and have since gained 8 pounds in the course of a month.)

Will I balloon up? - You will NOT balloon up, if you're talking about getting overweight. Your stomach will, however, pretty much "balloon up" due to the water weight + bloating + gas + digestive tract revving up + a little actual weight. You may experience disportionate weight gain during your recovery, but it WILL redistribute over time, given that you eat a minimum of 2,500 kcal (more is good, but NEVER go below 2,500 kcal no matter how much you ate the previous day) reliably.

Will my metabolism ever adjust? - I once thought my metabolism was pretty much screwed since I used to survive on one bun and some biscuits for days on end and my stomach bloated whenever I ate something, be it a piece of candy or a full meal. But fret not - our bodies are miraculous. Your metabolism WILL adjust. You just need to be patient and believe your body. At first you may gain rapidly, but keep in mind it's mostly water weight + your metabolism trying to adjust. Your weight gain will soon slow down as your metabolism catches up and you may even have to increase your calories for further weight gain until you reach your target weight.

Just so you know, I've been eating a minimum of 2,500 kcal for around a month and I've only gained 8 pounds. I'm increasing my calories today since I've hardly gained anything for a few days now.

DON'T restrict no matter what; you're just telling your body you're going to starve it and it'll do its best to survive by laying all the fat around your midsection to insulate and protect the organs, which is most often the cause of our relapse. If you want the fat to redistribute, you HAVE to eat more. Eating more = expanding your stomach capacity, and you won't feel so full on little amounts anymore.

I wish you all the best in recovery. (:

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Im frightened. I gained one pound already this week, and I've only been eating about 2000 calories a day. Will i gain a pound every week? Will i blow up? I know this is ed...but im terrified.

my parents are also giving me troubles. im so mad at them, i want to scream. they are being so mean to me, saying im not trying hard enough and that i better gain every week or else they will be mad at me.

i hate ed. i hate my life.

Nobody whio has gained using the guidelines from here has ever posted stats that say they are blimp-like, so you are so extremely unlikely to be the first ever it's not worth fretting about.

You used to maintain on a sensible amount of food, before all this hit. Once you get your body working again, you'll maintain on a sensible amount. It's worked for everyone else - you are NOT so uniquely different that we need a whole new rulebook.

Kick ED in the nuts, and get on with it. Ed's just a compulsive liar out to ruin your day.

When I first went on my MP I only ate like 2,000kcals worth (like you) and I gained 2lb in a week (mostly water). After that though, it slowed a lot even as I increased and added more. In 2 months I've gained a total of 2.5kg (need to increase my calories a bit).

From my experience, you are increadibly unlikely to balloon. No one I've spoken to has, none of my recovery team have heard of it happening or seen it happen. You will gain rapidly for a few days afer increasing, but it won't be real weight - it'll be water weight. If you keep your intake up, your weight will stabilise for a week or so has real weight gain happens and some water is lost. On average, your gain will be around 1-2lb a week which is considered healthy and is what is expected from my team, so is what you should aim for (though more is better obvs). Weight gain is terrifying for all of us hun, but you don't want to do more damage to yourself. You're right - it is just ED talking. Think about it - is all this upself and sadness worth being underweight for? Do you want to get back to a healthy and happy person? I think you know the answer, but you'll need to fight ED to get there.

And yes, your metabolism will adjust if you keep the intake up. So many benefits - you have more energy, you warm up and you just get more alert. You'll definately be able to eat like other people, in fact if you keep the intake stable you'll probably be able to eat more than others to maintain a healthy weight as your metabolism will be so speedy.

Parents can be like that, but it's only because they care. Just be explicit with the support that you (not ED) want and need, as well as telling them what isn't helpful. Then the rest is on you - you have to prove through your actions that you are trying and they will listen. Just keep going, keep eating and keep upping your cals. They just want to see you healthy so of course they'll be mad, but it won't be aimed at you, it'll be aimed at the ED that's hurting their child. Sometimes that distinction gets blurred, so maybe remind them that it is there and you are seperate from your disorder.

Hate ED and hate the limited life it gives you, but love all the many possible lives that recovery gives you a chance at. You'll get there - just keep pushing, and don't be so down on yourself. Your life will be fantastic again, you just have to get through this.

Seriously long lolz. Hope that helps x.

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