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Purging- nose bleeds?

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Has anybody here ever get a nose bleed while purging? I'm trying to recover from an eating disrder after two and a half years. I have EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) but I'm closer to the anorexic side than the bulimic. When I purged it was usually very small amounts (i.e. a rice cake, handful of cheerios, sad I know) so it's not like I was eating huge amounts of food when I purged. Every once in a while I would but not constantly. But recently (like the past month or two) my purging has been less but twice now I've gotten a nose bleed while purging. I've NEVER had a nose bleed in my entire life until then. Now I've had two, both while purging. That's obviously not good but how bad is it? I've never thrown up blood though. It's just nose bleeds.
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Hi amberlynn, when you purge the pressure of the vomiting breaks blood vessels in your nose, face and eyes. Hence the nosebleeds. You may also see broken capillaries in the skin of your nose and your cheeks, and your eyes probably look red afterwards. However, if you are seriously malnourished the nosebleeds could be a sign of something else, deficiency in a particular component of your blood for example. Here is the Mayo Clinic's site on how to stop a nosebleed.

As a friend, I want to say to you that you need to stop purging for your own health. I have to ask are you in counseling actively to recover from your ED? Do your doctors/counselors know you are now purging?

As a Calorie Count moderator I have to let you know that we cannot support those who are unwilling to get help for their disordered eating behaviours - including purging.

Since you are admitting that you are purging I recommend you seek help from a professional or from a parent, school nurse, counselor etc if you aren't already.

It is obvious you have a problem which is too difficult to tackle alone, and unless you are actively trying to recover your posts are against the spirit of Calorie Count.

As far as links you can look at, and this goes for everyone, check out the Calorie Count Eating Disorders Guide for a start. Also the section on eating disorders, the Eating Disorders Resource thread.

Please PM me if you want some more hel, information or support.

Yes, I am in treatment. I was inpatient back in October and November and now I'm back on a two-day a week outpatient basis. Yes, I have been slipping up a few times and yes, they know. I just wanted to know if this was a serious problem since it happened tonight and I'm alone in my dorm. Sorry if I broke any rules.
We just want you to get help. Please tell your counselors you are having some set-backs and definitely tell them about the nosebleeds so they can have you see a physician if you need it. They are there to help you and will want to know what's going on with you. Hang in there, ok?
Yes, it gives you nose bleeds. It makes your eyes bloodshot too. :(
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