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Public "Thank you" to hedgren

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I do not post on the forum but wanted to acknowledge how wonderful hedgren has been to me. 

The time and effort that hedgren gives to this forum and the members is amazing. 

Thank you for all you do for everyone here.

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Apr 18 2011 01:19
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Just wanted to add my thank you as well--your guidance is truly appreciated!

MEE TOO!!!!  Forever grateful....wish she could post for every post i write...LOL.

She is phenomenal.....hats off to you....she has always reassured me and help me to face challenges and push myself further...thanks .

Just want to add my thank you in there. Her posts are always so informative and helpful

Yeah I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU as well.  You have so much knowledge and you speak with such wisdom and authority.  So often the voice of the eating disorder is so strong, and hard to ignore, but your patient encouragement and reassurance helps to dispel the fear and stand up against the voice.  THANK YOU once again for all you have given, it really does make such a difference!!

hi thanks also!!! I printed out some of the posts and have showed them to my family and my husband.  They were the best resources I could have given them about how and what I need to recover.  the most benificial was the info on why notto stop once you get to 18.5 cause some people think i am ok now...time to stop and get over it, but its not true... Thanks so much!


without you i wouldnt have had the confidence or courage to recover!!

Count me in on the "thank you" as well!

I have been reading many of hedgrens' posts over and over and over again. She has so much knowledge in the areas of an ED and treatment.

She has always been faithful and informative in her replies whenever I posted something to her. 

THANKYOU hedgren, for being such a great help and support to me in my recovery and to others in here! <3

Bumping this so it doesn't get lost Smile


I hope you read this.  Thank you for taking the time and effort in your correspondence with me and the advice you have lended me.  Thank you :)

I have to reply here as well. She has helped keep me sane and on the right path more times than I can count, thank you so much Hedgren. 

Saved my life.

This thread is such a great idea. Thank you so much hedgren! The kindness and support you show to others is truly admirable. <3

 Thanks, Hedgren. I totally appreciate your advice, time and support. 

Thank you hedgren!!!

THANK YOU HEDGREN - youve helped me understand thing so much and helped my mum also. i often read your posts then read them to her to help her understand things like the stages of recovery from ed so she knows what may come and she can prepare herself especially if i were to relapse or anything.  your awesome hedgren, plain awesome

I sure hope she reads this.. even if she doesn't, here goes:

Hedgren.. how do I start. Firstly, you're the most kickass doctor in the history of mankind. At least, to myself and the tens of other people posting on this forum. Your knowledge and support has helped so many of us throughout our recoveries, and for that we are truly grateful. You have the patience of a saint and the knowledge of a.. well, something damn knowledgable that's for sure. =P EDs are incredibly tough to treat as you would know full well, yet somehow you make it look like childsplay.

We love yoooou, never stop being awesome!

you've been and continue to be an intelligent and lovely woman.

One of the many who messaged me last month mentioned there was a thread thanking me for my support. I had assumed it was a previous one I had seen several months back, which had taken me aback and was tremendously heartening.

Today I have come across this more recent thread. It was started just a few days after my birthday and I'm seeing it on the day before Mother's Day, how perfect is that?

So I can say it has honestly brought me to tears.

It is important for all of you to know that this is obviously a mutual admiration club. There has been nothing else that has brought into my life such an amazing group of empathetic, sensitive, bright, intellectual and very tough people as getting to interact with all of you.

"The spirit in me respects the spirit in you." (one of the many translations of Namaste).

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I'd like to add one more thank you!

I'm a little late, but hedgren you have helped people you don't even know you've helped. Thank you for your many thorough posts. They explain a lot.

God bless.

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