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protein deficiency for a long time now

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Hey, I have been posting on here a lot lately, but I am hoping to get some questions answered on here because I have no one to talk to and can't afford a nutritionist and I'm living alone abroad right now.

Anyway, I think ever since I started 'dieting' when I was nineteen I used to eat really unhealthy. But now I'm more aware of nutrition and trying to only eat REAL food, and I'm lifting weights again trying to get toned and smaller since I've gained a bunch of weight...but i gained it on unhealthy un-nutritious foods so even though I'm bigger I feel I might still be malnourished, and the reason why I think this is because my hair plucks out really easily, it's actually falling out like CRAZY now that I've been working out, and I stupidly did the Master Cleanse only to gain it all back. [i learned my lessson forreal this time] I feel really stressed for no reason sometimes, and I binge sometimes and have insomnia sometimes too with frequent wakings during the night. ANYWAY so I just bought a bunch of vitamins, but I'm trying to include more protein in my diet. I'm eating more fruit in place of candy bars etc, and just more vegetables too, but being a vegetarian and a picky eater I only get protein from eggs and tofu, and I probably average around 30gs maybe more of protein per day....I don't log my stuff here cause i find that to be too obsessive for my personality.
I'm wondering, HOW LONG does it take to 'fix' being protein deficient after being a vegetarian for 23years and dieting for 4 yrs? I'm trying to not diet and just eat healthy and help my hair and sleep and binging and get fit again.

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Firstly 5'3 and 120 is a very healthy weight. When you were 100 you were very underweight. You are eating vegetables, fruits and tofu where are your fats? You need fats too you know. Avocados, nuts, nut butters, olive oil are all examples of healthy fats. How much are you eating? Under eating in general can cause your hair to fall out and you cannot gain muscle on a deficit anyway. My guess is you are not eating enough for your activities. Binging indicates that you are under eating and your body is getting desperate. You need a balance of complex carbs, protein, and fats. There is also nothing wrong with having some junk food once in awhile. Depriving yourself of what you love just sets you up for failure. Moderation is the key.

At 5'3 you probably need 1500-1800 calories a day if you are exercising. 1200 is a bare minimum for short (5' or shorter), sedentary, older females. You are none of those things. I would not take a "bunch of vitamins" that can be as dangerous depending on which vitamins you are talking about. You need to get your nutrition from food. Getting too much of any vitamin especially in supplement form can be as bad as too little. Be especially careful of potassium as well because that regulates your heart and you should never take a potassium supplement unless directed by a doctor. Good luck.

I'm positive I eat ~enough~ food but thanks for your suggestion. I take my supplements because it suits my personal lifestyle the most considering I'm abroad, and also that I'm a vegetarian. I also had gallbladder taken out so I don't eat a lot of Fats for that very reason although I take coconut oil once in a while.

I'm not depriving myself, I'm eating as healthy as possible which means replacing junk food and nasty ingredients with real food.
I think you have my lifestyle misunderstood, I'm posting to look for advice about how long it would take to correct a possible protein deficiency.
I'm trying to lose weight not maintain.. everyones bodies are built differently and I am quite thick for 120lbs and feel my healthiest at 110, so this  is my goal and its not called anorexia or depriving. Not everyone on here has the same lifestyle/body type/health history/food taste buds as the 'standard american' does.

Standard American? I didn't know we were standardized across the board. That is kind of a nasty reply. I never said you were anorexic nor claimed your goal was unhealthy only that you were already at a healthy weight. I did not judge you I only offered advice based on the information you provided but you sure jumped right to judging me.

You never gave your nationality you only said you were abroad. I am well aware everyone is different. I never claimed you had an eating disorder or were anorexic. It is easy to under eat without realizing it. 1500-1800 for your height and activity level is a weight loss amount. Many people loose effectively on that amount. You don't have to eat at bare minimums to lose weight.

Your hair is falling out and your other posts indicate several issues with your health. It is not in your best interest to be losing weight if you are all ready at a healthy weight when your body is obviously not healthy, that just puts added strain on your body. Since you are working on cutting out all the bad stuff I figure your first goal is health and not weight loss after all. I understand that because of the gall bladder you have to limit fats but that is something else you didn't mention in your original post. Fats are essential in healthy hair, skin and digestion. Since your hair is falling out that led me to wonder if you were getting enough but obviously with the gall bladder you have to limit fats.

You say you eat enough but many people think they eat enough and when they really count the calories sometimes they find they are eating quite a bit less than they think. A lot of low calorie food is high bulk leaving you full but with not enough calories. Sometimes an extreme change in diet or cutting calories too far can shock the body and cause the hair loss and other problems.

You mentioned you binge and not eating enough is a big reason binging happens. I don't claim to know the reasons for your binging but in general restricting too much tends to lead to binges.

Also all you said you bought a "bunch of vitamins". Yes supplements are important and necessary for your lifestyle. I get that. However many vitamins negate the effect of others or interact with medications. Also some vitamins shouldn't be taken without a doctors recommendation because too much can cause adverse effects. A multi-vitamin a day is enough for most people. Seeing a doctor and getting a professional opinion is the best way to go but as you can't afford to see anyone right now all I can do is urge you to be cautious and research the vitamins thoroughly.

There are many ways to get enough protein and you can cruise the forums for ideas on high protein foods etc. You may also get more protein than you think as many foods contain a bit of protein and it does add up. How long it would take your body to repair is uncertain and no one can give you a definite answer because as you said yourself every body is different. I wish you nothing but the best health and happiness.  

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