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Post-Op Fluid Retention

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I had surgery Wednesday morning.  Now I can't get my wedding ring back on, my ankles and feet are a bit swollen, too.  ???????? 

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The IV fluids you were given while in the hospital are notorious for causing temporary water retention.  Water retention can also be as a result of the trauma to the body from the surgery itself.  But if you have any concerns that it may be a more serious condition or if doesn't subside, call your doctor right away!

I had surgery a month ago today on my stomach. Im still swollen and feel hard around my stomach. I have been told it can last up to 6 weeks probably even 2 months!

Messes with my anorexic head but I guess I should listen to the advice the doctors give! Anyway, I know that isnt your question but in answer it seems that you do get swelling and water retention after surgery!!

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