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Post-ED weight loss - any success stories??

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As the title suggests, I was wondering if there is anyone who has recovered from an ED and gone on to lose weight again the healthy way?

I'm 5'8, and 141lbs.  I suffered from EDNOS but the lowest my weight ever went was 135lbs, so I only put on a bit of weight through recovery.

The problem I have is that my metabolism is completely shot.  I have a slight underactive thyroid (non-medicated) and combined with the damage my ED did, I am maintaining on ~1300 calories with at least an hour of exercise a day.

I just wanted to hear about anyone who has gone through this - I would like to lose around 10lbs maximum, I'm not looking to be underweight here, like I had been aiming for with my ED.   

Any one out there who has recovered and gone on to lose weight healthily? How did you do it?



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Yes I did it.

I am in recovery for anorexia and had put on probably 10 to 15 unwanted and unneeded pounds. I don't know the precise amounts because weighing myself is a huge trigger.

How I did it was with fear and trembling! I did NOT want to go down the anorexia path again but really did want to be at a healthier weight plus I'd gotten out of shape.

Initially I cut back on portions and added in semi-regular exercise. That was working for me, but my husband had also gained weight and I was looking for any tool I could find to motivate him and help him with his own weight issues. He'd previously lost weight using a calorie counting site (FitDay I believe) but didn't like a lot of their features etc.

In July I found this site and starting messing around with counting my calories. I was VERY nervous that the calorie counting would be a trigger but it's not. The scale still is, so I couldn't tell you what I weigh, I just know I've dropped clothing sizes and my doctor is fine with where my weight is.

I also really got serious with the exercise. I work out six days a week, alternating some form of aerobic exericse (running is my preference but we've had a very cold and icy winter), plus either weights or power yoga.

I can see muscle definition that I never had before, not at my worst/lowest ED weight. The biggest difference for me is that food is not my enemy and neither is my body. In fact, I wish I'd figured this out years ago--that I could be this size and so healthy.
I think it's really a matter of knowing yourself and your body. I can't say I've tried to lose weight again, because I'm right where I need to be, but I can sympathize with your situation. After the initial refeeding period (which for me turned into a binge-eating period) it's important to know where to level off. It sounds like you know where you need to be calorie and excercise-wise to maintain, so I would suggest shaving off 100 to 200 calories and seeing where that gets you. Even with a low metabolism and underactive thyroid, as you are well aware you DO NOT want to create more of a deficit than your body can handle. Take it slow. Weight loss is supposed to be slow and steady, 1-2 pounds a week. Just be careful, it's too, too easy to spiral back into bad behaviors. Good luck!
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