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Is there a possible reason for feeling sick after eating meat? Or anything with oil?

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My family eats a lot of meat.
That used to be how I ate as well (though I was the 1 member of my family who also made sure to eat enough vegetables and fruit)
Over the last few months I went from eating meat every day (sometimes more than once) to eating it perhaps 3-4 times a week... But whenever I do - I get this weird feeling of nausea
Especially if it's not just (grilled) turkey or chicken

I've also noticed the same thing happening whenever I eat something that contains some oil (and no - I'm not talking about stuff that's practically swimming in grease/oil, just normal things)

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No real medical reason I can think of. Though, I found that, after not having them in my diet for a while, the reintroduction of some foods was at first a little odd to my tongue and tastebuds. After a while of pushing through that I am fine eating them again. Reintroduce slowly, and you'll be fine.

Yes, I think you're right about that - not being used to eating something anymore :)

The thing is - I never stopped eating meat completely... I just don't eat is at often as I used to... I haven't increased the amount recently... That's why I'm confused about it

An inflamed gallbladder or gallstones can make you sensitive to high-fat foods and one of the causes is a high cholesterol diet.  That would result in a pain below the ribs on the right hand side as well as feelings of nausea.  Rich or fatty/oily foods can result in heartburn and indigestion or something called 'acid reflux'.  When stomach acids leak back up into the gullet, that can make you feel sick.  It could be something else entirely, of course.

If you're worried, then go see your doctor and ask their advice.

do you get the runs? sometimes the bowels release too much moisture when there is oily foods, so that could be a reason.

Look at how the food is prepared. Is it roasted, fried, grilled? Also, what cut of meat is it? Try to find leaner cuts of meat and then get back to us.

I have the same problem with sausage. Runs right through me!

It can still work to nauseate in the same manner. Also, mom6 does have a slight point - if the meat is fattier it can sometimes upset your stomach. Again, if you've not been eating enough fat in your diet the sudden introduction can cause a temporary upset. I would stick with it, personally. It is good to have a varied diet, but then if you find you are truly getting ill from it you may want to speak to a doctor.

oh, hmm.. Well, there's no pain...(thank god) Just a bad feeling of nausea.

And I've had (pretty bad) problems with heartburn before, so I know what it feels like...(had to take pills and I was put on a really strict diet for a couple of months around 2 years ago) I was already avoiding most of the really oily food before this started

I think I'll just mention it to my doctor the next time I have to go there (uhh... I hate talking to my doctor. She's creepy)
It's just weird, I guess...


I usually eat grilled turkey or chicken - with as little fat as possible.
I still seem to be getting a reasonable amount of fat from other things that I eat.. But maybe I'll try changing my diet a bit to see what happens

Have your gall bladder checked.  If you don't like your doctor, change doctors.

vePerhaps you're developing an aversion?

I used to eat A LOT of meat as well, since I lived with my parents and that's what my mom cooked, I had no choice.

When I moved out to live away from home for university, I got to eat what I wanted, what I cooked, and most of that wasn't meat.  Now whenever I eat lots of meat, I feel a bit sick.  Same thing for oily foods like fast food.  Actually, fast food drives my stomach CRAZY. 

Not just that, but I once ate some undrained cooked hamburger patty at a friend's stomach killed for hours upon hours -- I'm just not used to fatty foods. 

My protien/fat intolerance turned out to be a bad liver.....see a Doctor!

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