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Pooping undigested food

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I am concerned that i may have screwed up my digestive system.

For a bit of background info. I have had an ed for almost two years now (I am int treatment), the behaviours i engage in include restricting/fasting, purging by using laxatives, and other digestive system cleansing mechanisms (dont want to state as i dont want to give others ideas). Recently i have noticed an increased level of stomach discomfort and pain. If i manage to have a bowel movement (only with the aid of laxatives, i cant go without them) i feel as though i need to go again but nothing comes out.

I have now begun to notice that i am pooping totally undigested food. It comes out as if i never swallowed it in the first place.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

I thought it might be the laxatives making the food go through too quickly. Then i realised that they are designed to work on the colon. The colon does not involve the digestion of food, that happens further up the intestines. By the time the food gets to the colon all the nutrients, minerals, calories etc should already have been absorbed and the rest is just waste. It seems my body is not doing the absorption thing.

Could it be that i have damaged my digestive system to such an extent by the purging mechanisms i use that i simply cannot digest food anymore??

I did see my doctor today but due to the need to discuss more urgent matters this was not a subject i was able to bring up. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas of what is going on with me.

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Digestion happens in the entire length of the digestive tract.  One of the side-effects of laxative abuse (and prolongued gastric illness) is that you can develop what's known as a 'lazy bowel' and this means food shoots through the entire gut too fast resulting in diarrhoea, dehydration and possibly mineral/salts imbalances

You should go back to your doctor about this as soon as possible.  An interim solution could be to 'process' your food more before swallowing either cooking it longer, mashing/pureeing where appropriate or chewing food more thoroughly

I saw my Dr agian today and mentioned it to her. She seemed to think that because i dont eat often enough there isnt enough good bacteria in my stomach which was causing irritation in my intestinal tract. Im supposed to take some probiotics.

Thanks for the reply

I have uclertive colitis and have runs and sometimes feel like a duck. I take probiotic for good bacteria since I take  antibotic often and  this distroys the good bac.  some foods are hard for me to digest - I have a real problem with raw veg and do better if it is cook.

I didnt tell the doctor about not being able to have a bowel movement without laxatives, and for whatever reason she also seems to think im eating more now. She made that diagnosis based on that fact.

I have also been abusing salt water flushes and colon cleansing products. I imagine ive totally ruined my digestive system.

Unfortunatly right now i am very depressed and suicidal due to my feeling of complete hopelessness of ever getting out of the ED. Right now i jsut dont care what ive done to my body. I couldnt care less right now if i am seriously ill, i dont want to live in this ED anymore.

Im sorry, i imagine this probablly isnt allowed to be posted. People are aware of the situation in real life. My GP knows im suicidal a does my counsellor. I have told people.

If you have suicidal thoughts, the most important step you can take immediately is to talk to someone about it - preferably a medical professional or a trusted person in your family, school or organization. You say your doctor knows you are suicidal, so please ask him/her o refer you into treatment ASAP. Please act now.

If you don't know who to talk to, please call 1-800-784-2433.

This post is being locked and we strongly encourage anyone who needs help to seek it from an appropriate professional.

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