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Poop facts that kill 30 pounds forever...

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I was doing some research about irregularity (in the bathroom) because I am not regular. I poop when I have to. As in, when my body forces me to go. That could take as much as 6 days. I just don't enjoy using the restroom. I don't enjoy the smell. I don't enjoy the feeling. I get it over with once every 5 to 6 days. But...some things went wrong (TMI WARNING: pain) and I had to find out what was up. Surprise surprise, I wasn't going to the bathroom often enough and it was causing tiny tears on my insides. I was told that I should go every day so that my body can get rid of the waste so that it didn't compact in my colon. In fact, compacted poop can coat the colon lining and harden, causing problems later on in life.

"Doctor, are you serious?"

"Yes. In fact someone your size could carry anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds of poop if they aren't regular and eat unhealthy." (I'm a burger and fries kinda girl)


"Yes. And this WILL make your belly look bigger. Your body has to make room for it somewhere."

"Is that right? So since I'm an unhealthy eater who doesn't poop as often as I should, I could be carrying extra weight and actually be 115? Not 125?!"


"And bigger people can carry more?"

"Oh sweetie, bigger, unhealthy people could be carrying around as much as 30 pounds worth of human waste."

"Doctor, what do I do?"

"Be regular. Make sure fiber is in your life and go EVERY DAY. Even if you don't feel like it or want to. Try in the morning. Just relax and sit down for an hour. Eat raisin bran. You need fiber. And stay well hydrated. This will soften the hardened poop in your colon and you can get rid of it. And, without even trying, you can lose pound after pound."

"Jeepers Doctor, you're really smart."

"And you can be too with a college education. Pursue higher learning and you can be a [enter occupation] just like you've always wanted to be. That way you can charge people crazy amounts of money. Speaking of which, your bill is at the front desk. No cash. Either check or card. Have a good day :D."


Stinky Doctor. Anyways, I hope this helped those people who are like me. None regular and unhealthy eaters. I try my hardest to eat right but I may end up going to Red Robin on a Saturday and ordering the largest burger with everything on it and two orders of fries. It's rare (I may binge once every 6 or 7 weeks) but it happens. Yes, it's not the best way to live. And on top of that, I don't poop unless my body tells me "I have to poop...NOW." So for you people who are, or have been, like me, you may be carrying waste that makes your belly bigger. I'm going everyday now and hopefully this will help me reach my goal. I hope anyways. I hope this helped.


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sorry to be frank but..i love pooping! its instant weight loss! and think about all those disgusting toxins you are getting out of your body. One cup of coffee a day keeps me very regular. Its scarey though that some people carry around 30lbs of doodie.

But it's true!  Isn't that something?  I hope that this works.  I hate pooping but I've been doing it everyday for a while.  And it is something that instantly changes the scale for the better.  

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poop on sister!

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p.s. burn incense when doing the deed, thats what i do! haha tmi tmi

Yeah now all i have to do is overcome the actual feeling.  Ugh.

I used to only go every two or three days, mostly cos I don't really NEED to go any more often and it's kind of inconvenient, takes longer anyway I've recently started drinking a cup of lemon and ginger herbal tea every morning and that really speeds things up, I go at least once a day now and I'm in an out of there like a shot (TMI!... actually this entire thread is too much info but someone's gotta say itTongue out) Maybe if things were a bit speedier than you wouldn't notice "the actual feeling" as much, try some tea.

Poop facts.. Love the way you started this thread. I hope you get over that nasty feeling of going.

I use to have a problem going too, but it wasn't about the feeling. I just couldn't go, and it had nothing to do with the way I was eating. It had alot to do with not drinking enough water. I didn't know that water had a lot to do with your BM's, but it does.. Now that I get 70oz of water a day and I go on the reg. Get one automatic air freshener things made by Air Wick. They really helps with keeping the bathroom smelling fresh.

Here's another poop fact for you... the more regularly you go to the bathroom, the less time all that goop will spend sitting in your insides getting gross, so the less icky it will be. Also, the more vegetables and fresh fruit you eat, and the more water you drink to make sure they're hydrated, the better the pooping situation will be. A healthy person's poop is quick, painless, doesn't require the use of a gallon of air-freshener, and REGULAR.

Haha...I used to think I was a freak because I poop 3 or 4 times a day, always have, yet I am always hearing about these people who poop just once a day or once every few days....but now I can see that just meaning I have a very clean system lol


Original Post by kajikit:

Here's another poop fact for you... the more regularly you go to the bathroom, the less time all that goop will spend sitting in your insides getting gross, so the less icky it will be. Also, the more vegetables and fresh fruit you eat, and the more water you drink to make sure they're hydrated, the better the pooping situation will be. A healthy person's poop is quick, painless, doesn't require the use of a gallon of air-freshener, and REGULAR.

Absolutely right! I'm definitely the most regular in my household, I normally go between 3-6 times a day. Pretty much I try to see if I have to each time I go to the bathroom... and that's a lot since I've been drinking more water. Everyone is like, "You just pooped? In three minutes? Are you crazy?" And I say, "Yep. Yep. Maybe." I am not Stinky McPoopypants! I am simply Ms. McPoopypants.

My hubby is a 3 or 4 times a day person, while I am a once a day person. And we have 4 kids and they are split on our bathroom "habits" which is funny to me.

I heard somewhere that the amount of times you go is related to your metabolism. ???

I could never figure out why people can be in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes.  Go in, go and out in less than ten. 

Drink enough water, eat enough fibre and if that fails a cup of hot coffee or tea helps.

i started taking fiber

metamucil three times a day and i have been pooping 3 to 4 times a day ... normally it was once every 3 or four days

hopefully it aides in the weight loss =)

I go through cycles of "poopy yes" and "poopy no", if that makes any sense.

"Poopy Yes" is great.  I try to go a little every time I sit down, and things are smooth.  For some reason, if I've pooped that day (or twice or three times, even), I just... I feel better.  A pound lifted from my bowels is a pound lifted from my body is a pound lifted from my shoulders, I guess.

"Poopy No" is TERRIBLE, and I just got over one.  It's weird that at the same time, I was losing weight.  I went five days without a poop, and I was crampy, bloated, and I was beginning to gag when I ate.  My sister has this problem worse than me; in fact, she often has a poop every three days on a regular basis, so if it's more than that for my sister, that's her "poopy yes".  To me, a poopy-no is usually a painful, rotten experience, requiring noseplugs and a magazine (sometimes a Looooong magazine).  When I own my own house, I'm putting a 14" TV in the bathroom!

In order to cause a "Poopy Yes", I've been taking metamucil (the powdered mix), and it tastes like orange jello, NOT TANG!  Regularly I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but apparently 25g worth of fruit/vegetable fiber isn't enough.  I also have Fiber One cereal, if I can afford it (All-Bran and Raisin Bran are also all right, but don't do the trick quite as well).  I also LOVE whole wheat pasta, and the plus of it is that it's 6 grams of fiber per 2-oz of pasta.  So considering I don't eat ONLY 2-oz of pasta (more like a full plate, which is I don't know how much), I get a lot of fiber.  But I usually need close to 40 to get my happy-habits.

In order to cause a "poopy no", usually it means I have been slacking on the way I eat.  That includes my burger and fries, (practicallypeach!), and whatever I felt like having that day.

And speaking of poopy (here's my TMI)... About to go now!

I would sure try to figure out why you have such an aversion to pooping.

It is such a normal natural body function.  I think most people feel good after a nice trip to the bathroom  If you have stuff sitting in your system for that long a time too you are probably setting yourself up for colon cancer in the future. 

High fiber, regular trips - it has an odor for sure but not really all that offensive. Now, when I eat a lot of meat. Ick. But I would rather have that out of me than in me!!!!

A half cup of fiber one and a cup of coffee - almost always results afterwards.  If you start adding fiber as you should - go slowly - until your body gets used to it because it will make you feel bloated and by all means drink a lot of water. The colon absorbs water and the longer that sits in there the harder it gets.

All the fiber in the world can work against you if you don't go when the urge comes and don't drink a lot of water.

I have found this thread some crude way. I am can pretty much set a clock by it in the morning time. oka..TMI. 

I, contrary to most that have posted, do not have a bm daily. More like 2-3 times a week... and not because I don't like to but because I'm constipated! I've taken laxatives (they only provide relief and flatter stomach for a day.. and once I eat something I bloat), eaten prunes, drank teas & special juices, beans & lentils, etc.. nothing is good enough as to make me go DAILY. That seems like something odd and almost unreachable, lol....

But anyway, I'm not overweight due to this issue, however, not pooping sucks and it bloats and I'm sure it can add 30lbs. In my case perhaps like 10.......... :]
Ok I'm pretty sure I poopy at least once a day sometimes more and i still feel bloated, gassy and have a big fat tummy-wtf!?

man what a funny thread tho, we all sound like little kids saying "poopy"  LOL

& leopardrayne-i love ur "poopy yes" "poopy no" stages, maybe that's what i have and i just don't realize... i mean honestly who pays attention?!
weird thread, yep.  the weirdest part, though, is the beginning: peaches, you don't like the feeling of pooping?  sweetie, you need to get over that.  if you can't get over it on your own, you should seek help.  pooping should feel good.

i'm regular.  every morning for sure, sometimes more.  if i do miss a day or two (and this is an extreme rarity and usually travel-induced) it just feels all that much better when i do. 

I don't go as often as I'd like. Sometimes I eat things that I know will 'kick my ish into gear', LOL. Last year when I was on a diet, I'd be going maybe twice a day. Now I feel blessed if I go once a day, and I eat enough fiber usually!

I'm going to start taking Metamucil or something. :-P

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