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Please help! Keratosis Pilaris.

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Does anyone else have this?  It is basically red bumps that can appear on the upper arms and thighs,  looks like red goosbumps.

I have it on my upper arms and I only found out what it was yesterday.  It has always bothered me, and unfortunatly there is real treatment to make it go away.

Does anyone have anything they do to make it less noticable?  I've heard mosturizing and moderate tanning, do these work?

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I have this! And like you, I never knew what it was... Unfortunately I have not found anything significant to reduce visibility, (aside from scrubbing and using moisturiser with bead-like bits in it)...

I would also be interested in any replies people have!!

Does exfoliating work well for the bumps?  I haven't really tried anything before, because I didn't know what it was! I wonder if there is any laser treament for it!

Yes I've found that exfoliating is a little effective. I've been reading that as you grow older you may find that in some cases it will go away, or at least get a little better. 

It's frustrating that there's no treatment. However I have found that mine aren't as bad as they used to be (not sure if it's the age or the exfoliation), plus apparently it grows worse in colder months. Luckily mine aren't particularly red either.

Were yours worse when you were younger?

Keratosis pilaris has been known to respond to laser treatment. I've heard moisturizing can help too.

I think they were slightly worse in Jr. High/Highschool.  I'm 20 now, and they are still visable. Not as bad as some of the cases online, but it bothers me.  I am going to try to exfoliate and mosturize them daily, and see how that works for me!

I use a mesh pouf in the shower, then use ShiKai's Borage Dry Skin Therapy lotion, and it has helped reduce the visibility and increase smoothness.

I tried the KP Duty scrub, and I couldn't see that it helped (and it was expensive!)

I used to have it, but it went away!  I never knew what they were called, though.  I just kind of suffered through having this weird rash.

Yes, Ive had this for as long as I can remember, as have my mother and sisters! Apparantly its worse in people who are overweight so dropping pounds with cc may help. My also responds to scrubbing and a wee bit of sun (although I burn really easily).

Its a problem with hair folicles isnt it? So maybe waxing will help?

Its not as bad on my arms as i was, although its still pretty bad on my thighs - probably because they dont see much sun.

I try not to worry too much though - I used to be really paranoid, but I had enough of worrying. Now all my friends have seem me in a bikini and skirts, and do you know what - no ones ever mentioned it.


I used this system called the KP duty I got at Sephora. It's not cheap, but it's an exfoliator with some kind of acid in it, couple it with the lotion and it works wonder. Did for me anyway

It is a buildup of extra protein at the hair follicle. Waxing will not help. 

I have it really really bad on my arms and thighs. I have used this Lavender salt scrub from Trader Joes

combined with the KP Duty lotion and it worked pretty well. Still a little visible but not nearly as bad as I had it, not nearly as red, and super soft.

I've had the problem all my life but it was much worse when I was younger. I am 54 now and the redness is not nearly as bad. Like amethystgirl, I use a mesh pouf and a good moisturizing lotion. The skin on my arms is soft for the first time in my life! 

My mom always told me I had it because I was fat but both my daughters and one sister have it and they don't have a weight problem!

If you use their products and tell them about how you use them they apparently send you a free gift.

I only have it on the back of my upper arms.  When I was younger(12-16), it was almost always red and I never knew what it was!  I'm 25 now, and I still have it, but it's no longer as red as it used to be.

Much like everyone else, I use a loofah or an exfoliating body scrub.  My shower gel and moisturizer both are milk based -- I don't know if this actually works or not, but some have noted that the lactic acid in these tends to help. *shrug*  I like how well they moisturize anyway, so no loss there if it doesn't really help I guess :)

Depending on severity (irritation), I've heard of some people using treatments commonly used for eczema.  Might have to look that one up though, I'm not sure on the details or even which topical cream is used.  I don't think it's just hydracortisone (0.2%) though.

Because mine are now the same as my skin colour, I'm not too worried about it. No one really notices.


ETA:  Just noticed, after reading all the comments, that a couple people noted weight possibly being an issue.  When I was younger, I weighed significantly less than I do now and it's NOW that it's not really a problem.  While weight *may* affect it, I wouldn't really look to that route as a treatment.  While being a healthy weight is a good thing, I wouldn't suggest that it'll make it go away/become less noticeable.

Heya!  I too have had it on my arms and also had it on one side of my face, it was hell!  I couldn't scrub it off my face either as I would just get a massive rash as the face tissue is too delicate.  I went to a dermotoligigst in the end who prescribed a cream which cleared it up COMPLETELY!  Never looked back and its never come back thank god!  You won't be prescribed it if its just on your arms though as loads of people have this unless you say it is really effecting you psycologically.  I suggest a good moisturiser and St. Ives arm scrub. x

Wow I always wanted to know why my skin was like this! Now I know what it is maybe I can look into ways of reducing it's appearance, even if I can't clear it completely. 

If you have the patience to wait until you're 30+, it'll probably go away... I had it all over my arms when I was a teenager and then it gradually started to dwindle away. I almost never find a bump nowadays (I'll be 39 next week). I used to be very self-conscious about it when I was a kid and I refused to wear sleeveless clothes, but nobody has EVER commented on my arms - even when I was the outcast at school, people found a thousand other things to pick on in preference to my skin... so try not to worry about it.

Oh, and don't mess with the bumps - I used to try to get rid of them like pimples, which just made it worse, and it left me with tiny little white scars all over my arms.

I get comments all the time.

'Oh, do did you have an allergic reaction to something?'

'Look, you have goosebumps.'

'I think you're getting a sun burn.'

Oy vey, some of these even come from friends I have known a very long time. I have never tried the exfolian, acid treatments. Living in AZ I get a lot of sun, so it helps to tone them down a little.

last night I used a bar of soap from lush, its called sandstone, and has a layer of sand on one side of the soap.  It is very corse, so I never used it before, but I used it last night on my arms and they are noticablly smoother.  I also rubbed them with Bio-Oil after my shower.  Howfully a combination of the two will reduce the appearance with time. 

I've never heard of it being weight related. My brother (who is at a normal weight) recently saw a dermatologist about it who told him that it's a genetic/hereditary condition that often goes away as you age.

Honestly, I've got it on my arms but it's never bothered me, nor has anybody ever noticed or commented on it. The rest of my skin is great and I get compliments on it--who cares if I've got some red bumps by my elbows? The only reason it bugs my brother is because he's got it on his face and it makes him look like he's blushing or overheated all the time.


Original Post by smwhipple:

If you use their products and tell them about how you use them they apparently send you a free gift.

Ooh, cool - definitely going to be doing that (I use their lotion, as I mentioned above, but also their body wash).

And at least for me, definitely not weight-related. Just when you gain weight, there's more arm for the bumps to cover Undecided

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