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Hi everyone,

I just recently went off the pill.. kind of like for a little break to see if there was any difference emotionally/physically etc. and when I stopped taking it I got my period.. although now since that first period it has been 36 days! I have taken a pregnancy test and I am not pregnant but I was just wondering if this is normal to be irregular after stopping the pill?

(Before going on the pill about 3-4 years ago I was always regular)

Thank you in advance for any replies.
Samantha Xx

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This is absolutely normal.  It can take time... for some women a lot of time.... before their periods re-regulate.  Most docs dont want to see you until it has been 3 months without a period, but it can be 6 months to a year to become fully 'normal' again.

Plus things can change in 3-4 years. 

So give it time.

yep, totally normal, took me almost a year before I got back to "normal" after going off the pill.  I went almost 4 months after going off the pill without getting a period (had the initial one when I first quite and then nothing) and then it was totally irregular for some months after that. 


I came off to ttc and it was 5mths before I got my first period, then 2 more before I got my next!

thanks guys for your replies.. funny i posted this in the arvo and last nyt i got them!

We are in the same boat. I just stopped taking my pill too. I tried it once, but only gave it a month because I didn't like not knowing when I was going to get. This time, no matter what, I am determined to ride it out for at least a few months. I guess we gotta just hang in there.

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