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after being ill with anorexia for a long time, and not having your periods for this time, is it still possible to have children in the future and get your periods back? :(

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Original Post by afoneleri:

Your period stopping is one of your body's ways of protecting you when you are starving. A mother who isn't taking in enough food to sustain herself properly would be putting both herself, and her future child, at risk if she did become pregnant. Indeed, in the NHS, women with a BMI under 19 at conception are classified as having 'high risk' pregnancies - just like those with diabetes, those who smoke, or those who are obese.

But your periods stopping shouldn't affect your fertility in the long run - provided you gain enough weight and stay healthy. The hormones involved in the menstrual cycle are partly regulated by the body fat stores, and when these are to low, as they are in anorexia nervosa or in very fit athelets, they don't follow a pattern that is conducive to either menstruation or becoming pregnant. But the ovaries effectively go into stasis - they're not being damaged, they're just taking a break.

Does that mean you'll definitely be able to get pregnant when your periods start again - no. But if you eat healthy, gain the weight you've lost, don't over-exercise etc. then you're fertility should eventually come back to where it was before your anorexia started.


Hope this helps!


Just to quote my answer to a similar question in a previous thread. Hope it helps.

I have posted numerous posts regarding periods and recovering from Anorexia.

It is possible, but the way to find out is to gain to your bodies happy weight and having Leptin levels restored.  If you are not weight restored and your period does not return then it is most likely you need to gain more weight. 

 If you reach a healthy BMI (between 23-27) and it has not returned; then you have probably done some irreversible damage to your ovaries and fallopian tubes.  --only one way to find out.  Again, you need to keep gaining to have your period back and to reverse the damage done internally and mentally... (i.e. repair!)

In other words, you want to be on the low end of the BMI range and have your period return.--not going to happen.

Read my posts below.... -back-even-healthy-bmi-ft201056#7 s-ft199920#4


yup, it's perfectly possible, if you weight-restore with adequate nutrition.

my friend knows someone who was anorexic from age 9, and had her first period aged 42.

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