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Getting your Period Back!

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I posted before a week or so ago but the post was removed because I was stupid enough not to read the guidelines properly and linked diretly to my blog! SOrry!

BUT what that post said was that I know there are a number of ladies on here with difficulites around losing their periods. Although I have never had an ED I spent YEARS trying to maintain a body weight too low for me (anything below 120lbs on 5'5 frame is too low for me!). As a result I lost my period for years - and did my personality no favours either.

I've now regained and its been steady for some time, so I wanted to share my number one tips. Ive also started a blog with info about my diet and lifestyle changes so if any of this sounds familiar to you Id love it if you checked it out. I feel like im getting so much more knowledge and Id really really love to help anyone who finds themself in this position. The link is on my profile page! :)

Tips are as follows;

1) EAT - 1800 calories per day minimum to maintain. ALWAYS. Thats what your body needs and what it will sort out its happy weight when you eat. Make sure plenty of those calories are from fat (I eat at least 80g per day!) with plenty of protein too.

2) FULL FAT DAIRY - this is less processed, more tasty and I believe key to regainin periods (assuming you arent allergic to milk proteins - if you are just use ample butter)

3) EAT A MIX OF FATS - eating plenty of fat wont work if its all nuts - eat a mix with plenty of butter, cream & avocadoes too. OH an chicken with the skin/ lamb etc..

4) EAT ORGAN MEATS - top tip! Liver is brilliant for restoring hormonal balance

5) EASE OFF THE EXERCISE - cut out structured exercise completely for a couple of weeks. If you have nervous energy or need it for mood lifting, try long walks out of doors but no fast paced cardio.

I hope some of this helps! This is the diet advice I have found most helpful but I suppose the key thing is to also move on from any ideas about thin being more important than health. There are very FEW things thin is more important than (are the happiest people you know the thinnest? didnt think so!) - and health is DEF not one of them! 



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Where is your blog at? 


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