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how I got my period back...

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Ive been reading a lot of forum posts about ladies who havent been receiving their period because they are underweight, i had the same problem but made some lifestyle changes and got it back this week.

Previously i had been working out 6 days a week for at least an hour and restricting my calories to below 1500. I hadnt gotten my period since July SO what i did was i took two weeks off from the gym and began eating at LEAST 1500 calories and sure enough I got it back. I feel much happier and healthier now!


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Fantastic. Ive been having trouble with that too. But I cant take time off workouts because im training for a triathlon, so Im slowly trying to up my calories.

Have you gained any weight from the time off? Do you think youll go back to working out?


Believe it or now i actually didnt gain any weight, if anything i lost a lb or two! I will probably go back to working out because i love going to the gym but I only plan on going 3-4 times a week from now on.
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ughh i have been trying to get my period back and havent succeeded...

i stopped working out, and i eat at least 1500 calories a day, and it hasnt come back! i dont know what to do

Jessi, you may actually have to gain weight. And not just weight - body fat. Your fat cells are what help produce estrogen.

Edit: I've been eating 3000 calories for the past week and I've gotten discharge. Whoo!
yeah---I'm in the same boat--

haven't gotten my period in a really long time--
buuut like YOU wistfulxthinking.....I'm getting..Umm--err-----well-----something :) ha ha you know what I mean? Liiike it's not a period for SURE but it's like----"something"..sorry but I feel funny writing too many adjectives :)
I KNOW that in order for me to get it back FULLY I have to keep gaining cause my bmi is 16 but I am excited to see that I am getting the hints of SLIGHTLY something :) ya know? All I can do is keep eating! I am also taking a daily multi-vitamin and I drink 1/2 gal. of water a day. DOING MY BEST!
hey, this is my very first post here. Look, about 2 years ago I lost my period. The reason, I over worked out, I dropped around 15 pounds and then I stayed at 50 kg. I didnt look emacieted or anything like that, actually, I was pretty strong, I built a lot of muscle, I was so darn proud of the results I got and I wasnt looking to put on a bit of weight at all (I'm not very tall, it's just that I lost the weight too fast). On the other hand, both of my parents, who are doctors, were worried about this issue. They prescribed my a medicine which was supossed to bring my period back. its name is Chlormadinone (hormones, I think).  no second effects , I can assure it 

So, I got it back after 3 weeks I started taking these pills.  Hope this may be usefull for you who doesnt want to gain. Good luck
i haven't been getting mine in nearly 3 years now and i've gain weight.  Double the depression and dissappointment.  :(

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I was actually treated for infertility for 8 YEARS because I now realize I was too thin, ran too much, and ate too little fat. I added dairy fat into my diet in the form of cheese and 2% milk (instead of the usual skim), and I spontaneously ovulated. My miracle child is due next month! Google anovulation, infertility, and dairy and you can read the new groundbreaking research for yourselves. Changed my life!!
liknmylife is absolutely right about eating more fat. You can eat 3000 calories and still not get your period back if you don't get enough fat.

Every person, trying to lose weight or not, should have 20-30% of their calories come from fat (preferably from nonsaturated fats - nuts, seeds, olives, olive oil, and avocado are good sources). Since you don't have your period, you should aim for the higher end, around 30%. Fats keep your hormones functioning and alert.
fat is what did the trick for me too.  I was eating enough calories and not enough fat.  I started adding muts to all my meals and I now get my period agian.
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will peanut butter work as the source of fat? i dont really like nuts, but i like peanut butter. avacados..ehh. so do you think eating a serving of peanut butter everyday will bring back my period?
Peanut butter is a great source! It's also a cheaper alternative to nuts. A serving is 2 tablespoons and ony has 16g of fat. You should be getting at least 60g of fat, since you are trying to get your period back.
I want to join in this party too!  I just got my period back today after 9 months without it!  I think it's back because I've put on 15 pounds... I'm NOT happy about the 15 pounds, but I never thought I could be so happy to have cramps...

I'm facing a dilemma now... does anybody know or care to share their opinion... if I try to lose the 15 pounds that I've put on, do you think this will make my period go away again?  Losing 15 pounds or so will not make me underweight, I would still be in the healthy weight range for my height.  I want to get back into my size 6 jeans (I hate my 8's... I feel like a cow), but I want to keep my period because I someday want to have children.  Anybody have an idea?

Congrats to all of us who have finally gotten our periods back, lol!
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60 grams of fat?? i am never going to be able to get that much!

i've been on a low cal diet for the past 2 months and my period has gotten lighter and its duration is much shorter. I'm only getting an average of 1050 - 1100 calories a day, unhelathy I know but I don't have much of an appetite :-( and its hard enough to reach 1100. I dont want to gain weight but at the same time i don't want to lose my period. It certainly is a huge dilemma.
I just got mine back, too, after a year, after finally caving last month and letting the doctors do blood tests. Murphy's Law. I'm not too thrilled about it because it's making me feel sick & making me not want to eat. It directly coincides with my begining to run again and add more fat to my diet--not a lot more, but I think my body may have just 'evened out' after my weight loss, too.
Yes, 60g. That is 30% of 1800 calories from fat, and you should be eating 1800 at the least, or working up to that point. If you are worried about gaining too much fat, you may want to lift weights. The extra calories help you gain muscle, and thus raise your metabolism (muscle demands more calories and makes you hungrier - think of football players and the Chunky soup commercials :P)

I eat 2 servings of peanut butter a day - one for breakfast, one for a night snack. Then I always have a serving of nuts during the day. You can also try flaxseed. You can mix it into oatmeal, soups, cereal, rice dishes, yogurt - just about anything. It doesn't taste like much.
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i ate 61.5g of fat yesterday!! that was a big accomplishment for me. but now im thinking...was it too much? because i eat 1500 cals a day, and i calculated that about 41% of my calories came from fat. so is that too much, even when trying to get my period back?

I will probably never get mine :( I became anorexic, (my worst was 90 lbs at 5'8) in 7th grade. What the EFF was I thinking, It was right int he middle of puberty, I just had my growth spurt etc and never developed. In highschool, I gained back like 30 pounds (still very thin!) but was super active and just...never got it, maybe once or twice in 2 years. I became even more active towards the end of highschool and was loving the fact that I ahd no period but was getting super frustrated with the fact that I was a 32 A, had no butt, and became worried if I'd EVER be able to have children. Turns out I needed to be put on straight up estrogen pills because if you do not get your period, your body does NOT produce estrogen because it does not recognize the fact that you are a woman from a child (body fat has a lot to do with this as well). I have done the estrogen rotation for a year and get my period every 3 months. I am switching over to seasonale doctor said without these pills I may never get my period, which is not really healthy for a woman. 

 Bottom line for me : It's nice not to have to buy tampons but it sucks to wear a bra from Limited Too hahahaha. 

Can I just add, you NEED fat. Women need fat on them. Itis so hard for us to admit isn't it? Like I want fat on me...but I am so terribly worried it will not go where I want it too Undecided
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