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The perfect body?

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Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect body is.. what's yours? 

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perfect depends on the person and the necessary functions that they need to perform. for me...I don't do sports of any sort anymore so strong quads, flexibility, etc. are not really a concern for me. 

perfect now is almost wholly based on the appearance and physical health of my body as opposed to having specific areas that are large/small/toned. when my body is strong, healthy, and functioning optimally I can accept certain physical "imperfections" because i realize that appearance isn't EVERYTHING. perfect body physically is toned, flat stomach, lean, and mentally sane! 

Same with me! My perfect body in my mind is toned, skinny (but not too skinny), lean, and accepting the little imperfections. Not caring if this area is too big or this area it too small.. etc.

I have two versions of the prefect body; Being myself is the BEST thing I have to offer the world, therefore I have a certain "version" if MY OWN body, which feels "perfect" for me. I would never wish to change my body, and my own body is perfect to me. I happen to like my body shape and would not haver it any other way.


On the other hand, I will be blunt. When it comes to OTHER people's bodies, the perfect body is a fit and healthy one, with clear skin and glowing with health. I also like average to tall with long slim limbs.

So the perfect body to me as many of the " sterotyped" attributes, such as slenderness, perfect teeth, and clear skin. I admit this. It is why I got an ED.

But to me, I am already perfect; I would not consider another persons body to be more perfect than my own.

So there you have it. I have a vision and my own image of what I personally find the most appealing, and what I find to be the most perfect looking body ( TO ME, MY taste, other ppl will have diff tastes).

Where as I also would not change a my own body, in spite of the fact I have my own perfect image in my head.

Okay okay, I digress.. I would change the bump in my nose if I could. lol!.  But that is pretty much it. I still love my body in spite my the bump in my nose.

Something between Kiera Knightley and Twiggy.

Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels with a hint of Chun Li's watermelon crackin' thighs.

I want to be able to crush skulls, man.

I believe "the perfect body" is a healthy body.


Naturally, I'm a fault finder. So even if I see what I originally thought was a perfect body, I tend to find faults upon the second look. It's just who I am.

Celebrity-wise, I think Jennifer Aniston has a gorgeous body. I also love Jamie Eason's body too... however, I could find faults in both.

There is no "perfect body."

Yay! I have a similar body to Jen's!  Not tall, but still toned and fit.  I do not work out as much as her, so she is my celeb body idol, if I WERE to have one.

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Katy Perry!

I think shes hot! haha... But without the caked makeup, Teenage Dream look is way better haha

Honestly, I would LOVE to have the body of Toccara Jones. She's not stick thin, but she's slender, and the weight she has is in the right place - feminine curves, very well proportioned... Gorgeous.

Then again, I thought she was great looking before the weight loss too...

Christina Hendricks!

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