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Peanut butter makes you poop?

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I didn't poop yesterday (no exercise at all) and this morning I ate 4 tablespoons of Peanut Butter with my oatmeal.

Then immediately I had to poop...

So is PB a remedy for constipation? How about high fat foods like avocados or nuts, do they help poop come out?

Just wondering.....

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Unlikely.. Could have been the oatmeal, although it doesn't really work that fast. Your lack of 'movement' yesterday could have been due to lack of exercise... and it all has to come out eventually, hence it happening this morning. 

Prunes and fiber one original cereal both work great if you ever need some extra help :p

If your diet had recently been low in fats and then you ate the PB, I guess the fat content could have spurred on a BM. In that case its almost definitely more the fat content than the actual food.

Personally, I find that any low-carb or low-fat 'diets' make me incredibly constipated!!

yeah, getting enough fat can keep you regular. pb has fat.

The act of eating stimulates the colon contractions for a BM.   And the colon is strongest in the morning.   So it was probably just the act of eating breakfast that made you go.

Kay thanks peeps! I guess its not really the PB.

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