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Pain/Burning sensation around my heel.

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I tried searching but I just don't know what I'm looking for.   

My left heel hurts.  It's not the normal type of pain.  It's like a painful burning sensation.   I'm sure it's related to exercising but it only started about 7-10 days ago.  It's not a constant pain and I don't feel any pain at all when doing the actual exercise.  It occurs only when I do something funny or I stretch out my calf.  Specifically, the stretch were you put toes against the wall and your heel on the floor and basically lean forward.  This exercise also probably stretches the Achilles' tendon too.  

 My hunch is Achilles Tendinitis but the pain feels lower than the tendon.  Like it's the actual bone or something. 

Any other ideas of what it might be?

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Heel spurs, perhaps?

Ehhh perhaps.  I considered that and plantar fasciitis.  With the spur isn't it like a bone growth type thing? 

Considering Plantar Fasciitis, but the pain is in one pretty specific spot.  I think the pain would cover a larger surface area.

In either case, wouldn't I feel the pain all of time?

It is, but I'm wondering if the stretch you are doing is exacerbating it (that is, the spur isn't very large, so most of the time it isn't ... doing whatever it does that causes pain)?

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I have plantar fasciitis.  I usually don't feel it when exercising.  It could be the same thing, but your symptoms are not exactly the same.  The common symptom always listed on sites is that the pain is worst in the morning upon waking.  It started out as a minor pain in the bottom front of my heel when I walked barefoot and progressed from my heel to the arch of my foot.  I thought it was something to do with the bone in my heel at first.  Initially, the pain was in a very specific spot.  Arch supports and ibuprofen seem to do the most.  I also loosely wrap the arch of my foot with an elastic bandage when it is bad. Other suggestions like ice after running have not helped.  Stretching the calf muscles seem to help.  Curling my toes like I am trying to pick a towel up from the floor help a little.  Also, I avoid walking around barefoot unless my foot is wrapped.  Tight muscles from my lack of stretching were probably the main cause. 

I also get what I would think is minor tendinitis up the back of my heel when I exercise on a cross trainer.  Putting a wrap of elastic bandage around my ankle seems to help a little.  That irritation only happens when exercising. 

Since it came on so sudden, you might have torn something rather than irritated it from repetition.  Therefor, what I do may be of little benefit to you.

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