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Overweight and no period

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I was reading about how people were too skinny and didn't have their period.  I'm in the opposite boat.  I weight too much and I don't get my period!

Last time I had my pap smear, the dr checked my hormone levels and they were fine.  She just gave me something to start my period.  I then went on birth control which kept my period regular.  I've since then gotten off the birth control (I hate the hormones.)  I did get a few periods, but I haven't had one in a few months now.

Anyhow, my dr didn't tell me this, but I read it in my medical file... She wrote that I wasn't getting my period because I am overweight!!  (Was she too shy to tell me to my face?)

Anyone else have the same problem?

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low bf% &etreme dieting is wht makes you lose your period. even though you have a high bf% you may still be etreme dieting. how many calories do you have per day? AFTER excercise?

I just started dieting 2 weeks ago.  And I get plenty of calories!
maybe, but how many do you burn?
I eat 1300-1600 a day.  And I burn about 2100.

2,100 through exercise alone?

No, 2100 total.

My sister is overweight and didn't have regular periods.  Her doctor did the same thing yours did, prescribe bc.  However, when she decided she wanted to get pregnant she had a really hard time.  When she moved to a different city she got a new doctor.  He found that she had Endometriosis and ovarian cysts.  When you are overweight you produce more estrogen.  The higher the estrogen, the higher the chances of Endometriosis.  Even if you don't have Endometriosis, not having a period can sometimes cause ovarian cysts which sometimes have to be surgically removed.  So I suggest you do some research online and maybe think about getting a second opinion....

Good Luck! 

Many women have this problem.  While being overweight often causes it (or makes it worse), the underlying source is usually Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  It is related to insulin resistance (pre-diabetes/diabetes) and is often treated with metformin. 

While only a doctor could tell you for sure, a great starting place would be a fasting insulin level and a fasting blood sugar/glucose tolerance test to find out a) if your body is pumping out massive amounts of insulin and b) if your body is successfully using it to deal with glucose.

Since insulin resistance can lead to many problems, I'd be very glad that I switched doctors (since it seems that all yours did was throw hormones at one symptom).

i basically never had regular periods.

when i was 14 years old (and was 5-1 and weighed about 140 pounds) my gynecologist very nicely told me (almost exact quote), you don't get your period because you are too fat, get off the couch and exercise. which of course pissed me off because i was doing two sports in school plus gym class.  

and by the time i was 17, i had switched doctors. she told me that it wasn't my weight that was the problem, and since my hormone levels and everything was normal and didn't have polycystic ovarian syndrome, no, she didn't know what was wrong. so i've been on birth control ever since and it sucks. i stopped taking the pill for three months; my period came for one month, then it stopped again, so now i'm on the pill again. i absolutely detest the extra hormones, but alas, i don't have a choice.

i personally feel like it's just such a complicated matter, and my plan is to just keep taking bc and keep losing weight. i'm supposed to stop the pills every half a year or so to see if i'd get my period without it, so i guess it's to determine if being overweight is in fact my problem. although i feel like it may not be, because there are probably lots of overweight people who have normal periods.

good luck! 

Have you looked into PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) - I have been diagnosed with that (about 12 years ago)...this is a disease that can cause weight gain, loss of regular cycle (I would sometimes go 6 months or more without a period), it can also cause issues with getting (and staying) pregnant, male pattern hair etc. Down the road you can have issues with insulin problems. Talk to your doctor - get an ultrasound of your ovaries and see what the next steps are to help you get everything under control - there is a change that they will prescribe BC pills or metformin...there are lots of website out there for PCOS...Good luck.


Thanks for letting me know about PCOS.  I will mention the possibility of it to my dr when I go again!

I stopped getting periods for awhile and I was told it was because I was overweight, too. They couldn't find anything else wrong with me. That's what really got me to lose weight. Once I lose 20 pounds or so (maybe less, I don't remember) I've been getting them regularly ever since.

When you're very overweight, like I was (280) sometimes your body over-produces hormones, and it can mess things up. So you're not alone! And losing weight DID work!

I am extremely overweight and recently found out I have high BP, so i decided I needed to make some major changes in my life, and joined calorie count last Sunday. I already lost about a pound and its only Wed. and I also got my period back, which I haven't had in about a year, so I think as long as you diet and exercise safely and responsibly, you'll get it back unless you have other complications going on.

I still am going to check w/ my doctor though and make sure I am doing this right. I don't want to lose so much weight just to gain it back six months down the road. But I honestly feel better than I have in a long just hang in there.Smile

I'm so happy to see a thread on this! I was looking for something else and came across it. I notice that it is two ish years old, but I still wanted to comment on it. 

I went about two years without a period. My doctor [who was very rude but that is beside the point] told me it was because I was overweight and told me to take birth control to jump start it. I was in disbelief because I've always been overweight and at the time, I was in decent shape compared to different stages of my life. I was very active, but I had a poor diet. I wanted to solve the problem naturally [I'm very opposed to medicine if I can become healthier naturally--why have pills for everything wrong with you? Plus, I really didn't like how it would sound if someone knew I was on birth control... I wouldn't want someone to get the wrong idea as a young, unmarried child of God :-)]. Within the coming months, I resolved to make healthier eating choices [while living in a dorm and eating at the college caf lol] and exercise with my roommate. I started to actually spot for a while but I didn't really commit to the habits. That was the last time I saw my period.

In January, I had some major realizations that really gave me the desire to be healthy. I have lost about ten pounds since then and have been making better eating choices and within a week of starting, I started my period again! This makes two months in a row! 

I will say though, it was nice not having it even though it was worrisome not having it there haha. Saved a lot of money, too..... hahaha =]

Best of luck to you ladies!!

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