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Is it ok to go over your calorie intake if you burn the extras off?

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 So I'm at a goal to maintain my weight currently and I take in at least 2100-2300 a day. But recently I've been going over every day by 300-500 more than I should. But I jog in place for 30-40 minutes multiple times to try to burn them all off. My question is if this really works or not. In fact the only reason why I jog is to burn the extra off. P.S. I'm 135lb, 5/5,16 years old', and a male :P

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Does a calorie amount of 2100-2300 for a teenage boy seem really extremely low to anyone else?

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A bit low, but I wouldn't say extremely low.  When I was mid-teens, I probably ate around 2,500 over the course of the day, so not all that far off from OP is eating.  

Your body does not process calories according to what time of day or night you eat them at. There is really no "daily allowance" because the body does not "reset" it calorie count after a day has passed.  Calories are measurements of energy, and given you are 15 year old boy, i would assume you need a hell of lot more than 2300. So 500 over is not something to worry about.

A suggestion maybe you need to stop counting and live life like regular teens who eat whatever they want? 

Original Post by banana_cake:

Does a calorie amount of 2100-2300 for a teenage boy seem really extremely low to anyone else?

Yes.  An active/growing teenage boy needs at least 3000 calories a day.

Also, running in place for 30 - 40 minutes several times in order to burn off 300 - 500 extra calories is quite worrisome.  First off, they are not extra because you aren't eating enough to begin with and second, it takes 3500 extra calories above maintenance to gain a single pound.  Sounds like you are setting the stage for anorexia athletica or exercise bulimia.  Exercise is a means to achieve good health and fitness.  Try to divorce eating and exercise.  Exercise should not be used to compensate for eating in your situation. 

I would continue to eat the extra 500 cals and conciser this your norm.  If you want to run then please eat more than 2800. 

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